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What goes into F101?

  • Grand Prix de Monaco

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  • Grooved Tyres & Aerodynamic Winglets

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  • Valencia Street Circuit

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  • FIA Ferrari Bias

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What motorsport items should we put into Room 101? What particularly irks you all about F1 and other Motorsport series and should be sent for eternal damnation?

3 things will go into F101. The vote is open until the end of the season. You can change votes. Due to a technical error/mistake on the part of myself all voted were reset on 24/9/08! Please re-vote if you voted before this data!

My suggestion would have to be the Monaco Grand Prix. It has a lot of tradition, but it is so dull and is the most likely F1 track to kill a driver!
In you go...............Bernie E.......

Stopped thinking of the sport once he had won the FISA/FOCA war. Been lining his pockets ever since. Has done more than any one to turn the sport into the souless, fan unfriendly and corperate beast that it is today.


I'll second Monaco and I'd also like to propose grooved tyres and winglets.

Bring back slicks and mechanical grip and get rid of downforce enhanced by all sorts of silly protuberances - then we might see some overtaking.
Oh and I know it's a bit late but can I please shove Eddie Irvine in !!!! >:( >:( >:(

If he hadn't of punted Johnie Herbert off in the 1994 Italian GP then Lotus maybe still going in F1 today. Herbert qualifed 4th with the new more powerful Mugan engine and all lotus needed to avoid the winding up petition in the courts was a single point. Irvine >:( punted him off at the first corner and Herbert had to go back to using the older and far less powerful Mugan Honda engine. No finish, No points. Lotus in administration the following day. >:( >:( >:( >:(

Thank you Eddie Irvine >:( >:(

well im voting for James allen,

Has much as he knows his stuff (has shown by the books hes written) the guy is not cut out for commentating, and here's why he annoys me:

The guy has observation skills of David Blunkett. The most obvious showing of that is in France when he tells us how Button is missing off the times sheets and is wondering if he has retired when on screen button is blatenly on screen walking back to this garage after Brundle has even pointed out what he and 300million people are seeing on screen.

The way he trys to be like Murray Walker and force excitement into is voice when something he things everyone is exited about happens, Buttons first win is an example of it, the way he trys to be Murray-esque has button crosses the line. It was so forced and unnatural, Infact i found it so annoying that while I should be remembering a fantastic race and seeing a driver i like and someone who gets no luck get is first win, all that comes into my head is his annoying voice. It was that bad i had to mute the TV. yes he might of been genuinely exited and happy about Buttons win but if it doen't come out in his voice he shouldn't try it. and oh yeah, James....YOUR NOT MURRAY WALKER! so stop tying to be.

His stupid little catchphrases. There not funny, not interesting, there not needed and again its him tying to be like murray Walker. (just take a nose at the sniff petrol archive's to find some)

and finally his little crush on golden boy Hamilton. Yes Hamilton is a very good driver and more then likely become a true great of F1. but there are at leat 19 other drivers in F1. everything is relative to Hamilton. If Kimi is 1st and Hamilton is 2nd, Kimi is not leading the race is his one place ahead of hamilton. Hamilton's race in Monaco this year wasn't senna-esque because he flung it in the wall and only a safety car got him back in a postion to win, when senna was at his best he didn't fling it into the wall and didn't need safety cars to get a chance to win.
Get rid of grooves, bring back slicks!

Any chance we can get rid of the FIA management structure and put a new team in place headed by DC and Eddie Jordan, or some suitable driver, manufacturer partnership? That would certainly make me a happy bunny!
I could have rolled the forum back to a backup I took earlier today but we would have lost the posts that have been made since then.
Easier to just vote again.

And a valuable lesson learnt for the future for all of us LOL
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