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Unfortunately I got to watch Alex Zanardi's bang a few times. Despite the horrendous nature of his injuries it looked like the car actually saved him by its construction. this specific construction issue was unknown to me and I was wondering if something likewise exists in F1.

Alex left the pits and got into a spin. he was then in the side hit by a car at full speed (300 odd km/h) and lost both his legs. But apparently, it could have been much worse. The nose cone of the car which hit Alex was, apparently as dictated by the rules, strengthened to survive a head on crash and the point where Alex was hit was in a special 'soft spot' just behind the nose cone and just in front of the driver seat which apparently is strengthened too, made to crumple on impact. If Alex was hit anywhere else the kinetic energy from the impact with this fortified nose apparantly would have killed him. it was odd cos both the nose cone and the part of the car where Alex sat looked pretty much ok. despite the immense bang....

its all a bit gruesome but I had no idea cars were constructed like this, expecially this specific build in weak point surprised me. Mainly cos thats where the driver's legs are.

For those of you with strong enough stomachs...

Note both the front and back of Alex's car indeed do seem to survive.
i remember watching that race, very horrific , there have been some horrendous crashes in cart over the years where the drivers should have maybe died instantly but luckily have walked away with nothing more than a bruise, (sadly except for greg moore), legge, tracy, tagliani, da matta, franchitti (that was possibly indy), to name a few,

thank god the technology has advanced :)
I've seen some enhanced stills of that crash...not pleasant. Bits of leg and chunks of flesh an' all. Gruesome. It's a miracle of sorts that he's still alive.
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