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I've decided to write my first article, in the form of a quiz. The questions are in chronological order and will hopefully challenge those who are as passionate about F1 as I am, while also providing a little bit of trivia for those who don't get the answers first time. Any use of google to achieve full marks will result in the boys being sent round. Good luck :)

1) Jim Clark scored a remarkable victory at the third Grand Prix of the 1967 season, at the Dutch GP at Zandvoort. But why was it remarkable?

He was unable to test the car pre-season due to being a tax exile, therefor he had never seen, let alone driven, the car at all prior to that race weekend.

2)The 1971 Spanish GP saw the beginning of the mainstream use of which innovation?

Slick tyres

3) With which team did Gilles Villeneuve make his F1 debut?

McLaren - 1977 British GP

4) In 1982 Williams tested but never raced the FW08b. The car differed in which 2 ways from regular F1 cars?

It was a 6-wheeler and 4 wheel drive, with the 4 rear wheels being driven

5) Ayrton Senna made his debut in 1984 with Toleman, but which current F1 team can trace it's roots back to the Toleman team?

Lotus Renault GP - Benetton bought Toleman in '86, Renault bought Benetton in 2000

6) Who am I? I made my F1 debut in 1984, and throughout my career would drive for Tyrell, Zakspeed, Williams, Brabham, Benetton, Ligier, McLaren and Jordan.
I also won the 1988 World Sports Car Championship, the 1988 Daytona 24 Hours and the 1990 Le Mans 24 Hours.

Martin Brundle

7) Which team ran Red Bull sponsorship, a decade before Red Bull ran their own team?

Sauber, in 1995

8) British American Racing made their debut in 1999 after acquiring which team in 1997?


9) In 2005, Lewis Hamilton won the F3 Euroseries championship, finishing with almost twice the points of his team-mate who is currently also driving in F1. Name the team-mate please.

Adrian Sutil

10) And finally - Jenson Button made the second-highest number of race starts (169) before winning the World Championship. Who holds the record?

Nigel Mansell - 179 starts before he won the 1992 title
I've spoilered your comment again Jos.
Please don't post answers in plain view as it will spoil it for others.
A superb 6and1/2 :)

The Dutch GP was the third of 1967, Lotuses 43, and 33 were used for Kya and Monaco. First race with the 49 and a great drive it was!

Ah thanks, noted. I'll blame Ian Norris and his excellent Formula 1 Retro series currently airing on ESPN Classic (sky channel 429) at the moment and also the documentary Jim Clark: The Quiet Champion for feeding me duff info:oops:
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