F1 Fastest Laps - Silverstone Circuit


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A list of all fastest laps achieved during the race for all F1 World Championship races held at Silverstone.

Silverstone has been part of the championship since 1950 but until the 1990's the British Grand Prix alternated between Silverstone, Aintree and Brands Hatch.
Circuit changes can be seen here: http://theracingline.net/racingcircuits/racingcircuits/UnitedKingdom/index.html

19501:50.600Nino Farina
19511:44.000Nino Farina
19521:52.000Alberto Ascari
19531:50.000Alberto Ascari & José Froilán González
19541:50.000José Froilán González, Mike Hawthorn, Onofre Marimón, Juan Manuel Fangio, Stirling Moss, Jean Behra & Alberto Ascari
19561:43.200Stirling Moss
19581:40.800Mike Hawthorn
19601:34.400Graham Hill
19631:36.000John Surtees
19651:32.200Graham Hill
19671:27.000Denny Hulme
19691:21.300Jackie Stewart
19711:19.900Jackie Stewart
19731:18.600James Hunt
19751:20.900Clay Regazzoni
19771:19.600James Hunt
19791:14.400Clay Regazzoni
19811:15.067René Arnoux
19831:14.212Alain Prost
19851:09.886Alain Prost
19871:09.832Nigel Mansell
19881:23.308Nigel Mansell
19891:12.017Nigel Mansell
19901:11.291Nigel Mansell
19911:26.379Nigel Mansell
19921:22.539Nigel Mansell
19931:22.515Damon Hill
19941:27.100Damon Hill
19951:29.752Damon Hill
19961:29.288Jacques Villeneuve
19971:24.475Michael Schumacher
19981:35.704Michael Schumacher
19991:28.309Mika Häkkinen
20001:26.217Mika Häkkinen
20011:23.405Mika Häkkinen
20021:23.083Rubens Barrichello
20031:22.236Rubens Barrichello
20041:18.739Michael Schumacher
20051:20.502Kimi Räikkönen
20061:21.599Fernando Alonso
20071:20.638Kimi Räikkönen
20081:32.150Kimi Räikkönen
20091:20.735Sebastian Vettel

A chart plotting the fastest laps with some specific times highlighed.

Some interesting stat's on this one.

The fastest lap times in 1953 and 1954 were identical, possibly helped by the fact that they were only recorded to an accuracy of 1 second...

This resulted in the farcical situation in 1954 of 7 drivers sharing 1 point for fastest lap; they each received 0.14 points.

Nigel Mansell achieved the fastest lap 6 years running.
Is that a record?
Brogan said:
Nigel Mansell achieved the fastest lap 6 years running.
Is that a record?

He also set the fastest lap at Brands Hatch in 1986, so did so seven years running at the British

DC set five running at the French GP 1998-2002.

Fangio had four at Monaco - 1950, 55-57.

Moss had four in the British GP, 1954-57, but included Aintree & Silverstone (shared in 1954).

I don't think anyone else had more than three, but I'm looking at events rather than circuits,
so it might be possible.
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