Pre-Season F1 2012 Car Preview: McLaren MP4-27

I think it's very unlikely that their nose design is illegal. It affects the design concept of the car as a whole so they would have made absolutely sure that it's legal, and the regulation itself seems fairly simple.

If anything I would argue that McLaren's design is more in the spirit of the rules, which are there to improve safety by lowering the noses. The other teams have their noses as high as possible and McLaren don't, so by this interpretation the McLaren nose is safer?
Here's a thought.

Have McLaren misinterpreted the regulations? Is their design actually legal?

I ask because of this comment by Newey:
I'm sure that the front end of the bulkhead can be lowered, as Mclaren has done, it's just that it's not mandatory to lower it (something which I believe the FIA first proposed but the teams resisted). But all but one team have kept the bulkhead as high as permissible in order to maximise airflow beneath. Only Mclaren so far have chosen a different path. That's what I hope, anyway.
I've just spotted this on YouTube and wondered whether I'm seeing things or not? After about 30 seconds of play the video shows the front of the car and under the nose there appears to be a big air-duct. It's possible I'm just looking at the stand or it's just some sculpted parts but it looks for all the world like a big air intake duct to me. Anybody have any thoughts?

That's just the tray - the lighting makes it look like a duct.
Thanks Brogan, my eyes are still playing tricks on me but I suspect it's as you say. Interesting they've not panned around to the rear as I suspect this is where they don't want to give too much away again.
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