Television Eurovision Drinking Game


Super Hero And All Round Good Guy
Saturday night TV.
Guilty pleasure for me, this is car crash TV at it's best worst. Can't not look.
Made all the more fun if you get off your face on the booze and try to predict the winner.

We need drinking game rules :

Have a large sip rules
1) Wind machines
2) Water feature
3) Pyro
4) Bare feet
5) Graham Norton says 'they could win'
6) UK get nil points

Finish the glass rules.
a) A transvestite wins
b) UK get 10 points
c) Someone removes an item of clothing on stage
d) Traditional dress

Any other suggestions? Other than not watching it LOL
p.s. still not gay
Well I'm ready.
A travesty of a 'show', populated by the mediocre, the inane and those who don't understand; also peppered by inept and inappropriate 'political' voting.

Other than that an 'alright' evening - I'd rather get hammered 'cos I'm enjoying myself though!!
But it's going to be a loooong evening.

Second glass of wine for me. France was rubbish, I'm pleased to say.
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