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RasputinLives When Ferrari got CIARO as a sponsor there was constant speculation that the Mexicans put in a lot of money and were promised / expected to see a Mexican driver drive behind a Ferrari powered car ..clearly he was never going to be a Ferrari driver but Haas was a good way for Ferrari to please the sponsors

For a start both Vergne and Rossi are better drivers and look who Haas went for?

The fact that Haas won't commit to naming his drivers is somewhat does not give Gutierrez confidence about his future


I do love the British expression "Handbags", which is how Teddy Kravitz summed up the exchange with Steiner.

I hope not to see 'Mariachi' at Yas Marina.


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It would be a bind for LeClerc because if he took the F1 drive then he'd lose out on the GP3 title so Rossi might be the one.


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So Esteban is the only one not to get a prize in the "everyone who turns up at school gets a prize" day. Not really surprising Haas have given him the boot, I hope he doesn't turn up anywhere else in F1 as there are many better drivers who deserve a place.

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I can't remember which weekend it was but Vettel went round a corner and saw Gutierrez driving slowly; he went on the radio demanding to know what Gutierrez was doing there. Ferrari didn't reply but the commentator said "It's FP1 and he's doing a warm up lap the same as you are but he is trying to keep out of the way".


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It seems his manager is to blame for his p*ss poor performances, thus, he has now taken an appropriate step to replace him, in a step to try and retain a seat in F1.

The article made me chuckle, the guy is absolutely delusional.
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