End of season thanks


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So that's it for another year.

We now have 4 months to fill before the first F1 race of 2012, although some of us will be busy preparing the site and updating various content, etc.

As always, a huge thank you to all the members and everyone who has contributed to the content and supported the site, but a special mention to the following:

Galahad for the overtaking data and stat's, and running the hugely popular and successful Fantasy F1 again.
KekeTheKing for the overtaking data and especially the video montages, and the moderating.
teabagyokel for running the Team Mate Prediction game, the facts and figures, and the moderating.
MCLS for running the Fantasy F1 Cup, the PQR threads, and the moderating.
Speshal for the moderating.
Enja for the moderating.
cider_and_toast for the moderating.
FB for the moderating and administration.

It's been another good year for Clip The Apex, hopefully it will be a better one next year.
Brilliant guys. Well done all. Fantastic job all round.

I think I'm going to change my membership to the annual paid subscription. Don't forget these guys do all this as a labour of love everybody, and there are facilities to make your appreciation known with a little donation.

Keep up the good work team.
I'll echo what everyone else has said.

Joined the website half way through the year and have been made to feel welcome ever since.

My thanks go to Brogan, his team of Admins and Mods and all the members of the forum.

Hope you all have a lovely christmas and a happy new year. I'll still be around over the winter and can't wait for the testing threads to pop up.
Great Job everyone at CTA the quality home page articles and the stats and analysis set this web site apart from all the others. I have been here since 606 closed and I often wonder why on earth I was on 606 at all. 10 out of 10. :thumbsup:

Now looking forward to all the off season testing, driver musical chairs and car launches.
Think everyone else has summed it up really, I spend too much time on this site anyway LOL But it wouldn't be half as fun without everyone here, and when I get some money at the beginning of Jan I'll be upgrading to a paid subscription :)
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that as soon as I am able to I will be contributing.
Forget about Xmas, forget about new year,
only 108 days til' FP1 in Australia!
My favourite part of the F1 year has now started, I don't have to pretend that any of my idiotic comments are based on any knowledge of motor racing.
Thanks to all who make this a great site, starting with Brogan and including all the members.
If you read no other posts between now and the next time the five lights go out, just remember:
Boycott Bahrain, freedom of speech and human rights for all!
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