End of an Era, 2.4L V-8 results

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After eight seasons of F1 campaigning the 2.4 litre V-8s, 2006-2013, here is the break-down for engine supplier results:

Renault: 5
Ferrari: 2
Mercedes: 1
Cosworth: 0

Renault: 5
Mercedes: 2
Ferrari: 1
Cosworth: 0

Race Wins
Renault: 60
Mercedes: 46
Ferrari: 39
Cosworth: 0

Pretty remarkable efficiency by Renault, taking 62% of all championships while winning just 41% of all races.
People say that don't they? An end of an era as if it is something to be missed but what exactly is an era and when was the epoch of this era? because there was a time when V8's and V10's overlapped just as when most teams were running V10's Ferrari kept their V12 going, or did the era start when engine development was frozen and along with it came the concerted effort to drag every ounce of aero benefit from a chassis and consequently completely ruined overtaking making the current system of KERS, crappy tyres and DRS necessary if it is the latter then I say good riddance to the V8 era and bring on the age of the V6 turbos....
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Despite the fact that the 90° V-8 is on the short list of the most adaptable ICEs yet conceived, I have loathed every minute of this era. So much of the 2.4L V-8 was "specked" in the TR, IMHO, 2006 was when F1 lost all pretense of not being spec racing.

It's called "motor racing" for a reason. Semantics aside, when the "motor" is spec, so is the racing series. And there's precious little difference in the cars themselves. Paint them all grey and only the most eagle-eyed fan would stand a chance to ever tell them apart. The sport's powers that be would blanch at the suggestion, but the truth is they lack the stones to call a spade a spade. F1 is spec racing.

The V-6t, unfortunately (but predictably) is all the more contrived, and all the more heavily specked, than was the 2.4L V-8. I have lost all hope F1 will ever mend itself, especially now they've ceded the sport's purpose to a political cause, and I have lost all motivation to watch any more.

Honestly, I seriously have considered switching to NASCAR, but I tend to get light headed watching anything run in circles for three hours.
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