DTM to freeze development


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from after the next race apparently

http://www.racecar-engineering.com/news ... -2010.html

The DTM will use near identical cars to this season for the whole of next season, and any further developments this year are to be stopped following the next race. "There will be no elaborate development, the majority of the car components will be fixed, like it is the case already for the current year-old cars in the DTM. Especially aerodynamic parts, safety cell and cage, wheel arms, steering system and engine can not be modified any further. The development stop for performance-relevant parts will come into force on August 17th"
It's a sensible step at the moment - neither company has money to throw around and better to have a freeze than to lose the championship altogether.

Plus the cars seem pretty evenly matched, for once, so it shouldn't affect the racing really.
It would seem most series are struggling and are resorting to any measure to reduce costs and ensure their long term survival.

DTM is a shadow of its former self though with just 2 different manufactureres competing.

There are far too many "team" orders involved these days.
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