Drivers Who Lost Their Nuts


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This is what Googleing Nelson Pique Jnr losing a wheel came up with.

Could almost be off topic - but it's funny - and interesting that the cameraman was more interested in what the wheel was doing than the consequences for the driver who was speering toward the crash barriers!


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Just a short note guys, if you copy the url of the You Tube file, then click "media" (the little film image) at the top of where you post and paste the url in there you can embed the image into the post rather than just putting up a link.


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Fairly recent, but...
Not so much lost, as never there in the first place! Love his nonchalant radio message back to the pit crew... :givemestrength:


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Here's one not many of you will probably remember. FF to about 7 minutes in to see Didier Pironi lose a front wheel whilst leading the "non-championship" race at Jarama in 1980.



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I remember Eddie Irvine having to pit for an ‘adjustment’ because he was in agony in the Ferrari because he was racing in the spare car that was set up for Schumacher and the seatbelts were too tight around his crotch. He didn’t loose his nuts but it was close, does this count? lol

In an interview afterwards ‘I guess it shows I’ve got bigger balls then him’ I miss Eddie.
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