Driver performance 2011 v 2010


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A relative rating of each driver, compared to last season; better, worse or the same.
Only those drivers who have competed for both full seasons in the same team are covered.

For this exercise you have to factor out car performance and base your assessment only on the driver.

Anyway, here are mine.

Sebastian Vettel - Better
Mark Webber - Worse
Lewis Hamilton - Worse
Jenson Button - Better
Fernando Alonso - Same
Felipe Massa - Worse
Michael Schumacher - Better
Nico Rosberg - Same
Vitaly Petrov - Same
Rubens Barrichello - Worse
Adrian Sutil - Worse
Kamui Kobayashi - Worse
Sébastien Buemi - Same
Jaime Alguersuari - Better
Heikki Kovalainen - Worse
Jarno Trulli - Better
Timo Glock - Same
Good idea for a thread:

For what it's worth, here are mine.

Sebastian Vettel - Better - The weight is off after last season
Mark Webber - Worse - Still got some talent but will not recover from last season
Lewis Hamilton - Worse - Too much weight on his shoulders
Jenson Button - Same - Doing the same stuff as last year but it's more noticeable
Fernando Alonso - Same - Same as last year
Felipe Massa - Worse - Nothing left in the tank
Michael Schumacher - Better - One year on and one year's more experience in these cars
Nico Rosberg - Same - Same as last year
Vitaly Petrov - better - Found himself leading the team and at times has shown real pace
Rubens Barrichello - Worse - One of my favourite drivers of all time but sorry Rubens time to call it a day
Adrian Sutil - Worse - Slightly worse but is that due to Di Resta making him look worse than he is
Kamui Kobayashi - Worse - only slightly worse but like Sutil is that because of his team mate?
Sébastien Buemi - Same - No improvement and no sign of it to come
Jaime Alguersuari - Better - Slight improvement but still making up the numbers
Heikki Kovalainen - same - Still doing a great job in an uncompetative car
Jarno Trulli - same - May have a car he can feel now but still being out paced by Kovi
Timo Glock - Same - A driver who once showed real promise forced to plug around in a slow car
Nice Idea Bro. Mine are:

Vettel - Better
Webber - Much Worse
Hamilton - Same
Button - Better (just)
Alonso - Better
Massa - Worse
Schumacher - Better
Rosberg - Worse
Petrov - Same
Barrichello - Same
Sutil - Same
Kobayashi - ermmm.....better... just ...maybe
Buemi - Better
Alguersauri - Better
Kovalainen - worse
Glock - worse

The major differences between mine and yours Bro I think are around Alonso and Hamilton.

Where Alonso is concerned last year he made some errors at the start of the season that cost him a little - this year I can't think of any major errors he's made. I think that Ferrari(apart from at GB) is the third fastest car this year and Fernando has done a good job of mixing it with the Mclarens and the second Red Bull.

As for Hamilton - I keep saying this. I think he's had a pretty good season unfourtunatly others have risen to the challenege and the results just haven't come off. He's had 2 of his best GP wins I don't think he's made as near as many mistakes as he made last year he's just not got the rub of the green where race results have gone.

Also I think Rosberg has done a little worse than last year - I'm a bit of a Nico sceptic so maybe I'm seeing it through those eyes but last year he was always lurking waiting to pick up results when the top six floundered last year but this year he seems to be being picked off by Force India or Torro Rosso drivers
Vettel - Better - much more consistent
Webber - worse - simply seems too slow this season, plus terrible starts
Hamilton - worse - too many mistakes for a driver with his skill and simply not getting the results he should be getting
Button - Better - beating his teammate, very consistent, getting the results
Alsonso - a bit better - slightly more consistent than last year
Massa - worse - too slow and too frustrated
Rosberg - same - hasn't really improved, but not getting worse either
Schumacher - better - apart from the front wing issues he's doing better than last season. Probably due to having experience with all the new gadgets etcetera
Petrov - better - despite the car going backwards I think Petrov has really stepped up as a team leader. His podium drive was amazing and he has impressed me this year
Barrichello - same - not much to say
Sutil - slightly worse - due to his teammate simply being better? Maybe
Kobi - slightly worse - see Sutil. Also not really showing those overtaking skills anymore
Buemi - same - no sign of improvement
Alguersuari - a bit better - he's had some good drives this season, better than last season anyway, and has responded to the pressure of Ricciardo
Kovalainen - same - still doing well in a slow car
Trulli - same - since Lotus have new power steering he's doing just as good as he did last year
Glock - same - I've always liked Glock and I think he's really pushing that car to the limits
Vettel - Better - More rounded driver, barely any mistakes, a lot more consistent
Webber - Worse - Not adapted to the tyres, goes backwards at the starts, struggling to make even high points
Button - Better - More used to the car, got the most out of it on a more consistent basis than his team mate
Hamilton - Worse- Crumbled under pressure of the media, too many bad races mask over some great wins (China, Germany)
Alonso - Same - Still as consistent as last year, some occasional errors like at turn 2 in Germany
Massa - Some good drives, but nowhere near Alonso or the other leading cars, outburst at Hamilton in Singapore not clever
Rosberg - Same - Seems to have stagnated at Mercedes, not getting worse but hardly challenging the Top 3 teams
Schumacher - Better - There is still life in him yet, apart from a few foolish crashes he has been more competitive, shown by a racy drive to 4th in Canada where he ran second for a while until Buttons charge.
Petrov - Better - I think he's done alright this year, still makes the occasional mistake but he's driving the car to it's potential and was more than a match for his experienced team mate Heidfeld
Barrichello - Worse - Just dawdling about in the mediocrity of midfield, 2009 wins seem a long time ago now
Sutil - Same - Tempted to put worse but he has come on strong in the second half of the season
Kobi - Same - Getting the most of a car that lacks sponsorship and development, still his racy self
Buemi - Same - Still drifting with the occasional point, being outperformed by Jaime on a regular basis
Alguersuari - Better- Looked to be on the way out before Valencia, but a very strong set of results after shows he has potential
Kovalainen - Same - Still the best of the 'new' teams, continues to take the fight to the midfield
Trulli - Same - Small signs of improvement, but nothing major, has done just about enough for a seat next year
Glock - Same- Doing about as well as could be done in the second worst car on the grid, deserves better.

Sebastian Vettel - Better - Won more GP's than his rivals have put together and effectively crowned the champion 5 races to go. Also far more constant than last year too.

Mark Webber - Worse - Where do i start, not only has he been HAMMERED by his teammate, he's starting to look like a joke in that Red Bull.

Lewis Hamilton - Worse - God from crashing into Rivals to his personal life - I think Hamilton needs the winter to come faster than most the other drivers. Also don't think the new reg's are to his liking.

Jenson Button - Better - Far more better this season, at times he's made Hamilton look like a Rookie, Also he's become far more constant than he did last season.

Fernando Alonso - Same - I would have put worse but TBH i think Alonso has been similar to last year, there or near abouts but the cars not been good enough for him like last season.

Felipe Massa - Worse - Massa's had a nightmare this season. Constantly beaten by Alonso, the only GP where i can remember ever thinking we'd got the real Felipe back was China but hasn't happened for him this season.

Michael Schumacher - Better - Only just mind - some good performance in Canada, Belguim and Italy have help his cause. Otherwise bar them races he's really not been all that good compared to last year.

Nico Rosberg - Better - only slightly though. Much more constant in Qualifying and is always there or there abouts when it comes to points scoring.

Vitaly Petrov - Better - Much more better from Vitaly this season, from his Podium at Austraila he's been effectively Renaults most constant driver.

Rubens Barrichello - Worse - Just doesn't look interested any more, reckon this will be his last season in F1.

Adrian Sutil - Worse - Only cause his teammate is putting him in the shade abit. But he's still scored more points than Di Resta, but Di Resta's made Liuzzi's effort at FI look like a rookish.

Kamui Kobayashi - Worse - Only because i've not seen a great deal from him this season. Last season he was overtaking drivers for fun! Where's it all gone? Are the new reg's not helping him like Lewis?

Sébastien Buemi - Same - Well he's constant i'll give him that. But yet again he seems to be at the right level for his ability.

Jaime Alguersuari - Better - Proving that he can score points and looks loads better now the Toro Rosso is more to his liking. Would expect him to replace Webber in 2013 at Red Bull if he has a good 2012.

Heikki Kovalainen - Same as last season, he's very constant and has this year beaten Williams on occassions.

Jarno Trulli - Better - Much more closer to Kovalainen on pace this season.

Timo Glock - Same - Can't really judge him haven't seen enough of him this season, so i'm gonna say same.
Sebastian Vettel - Better

The Red Bull is probably not quite as far ahead as it was last year, Seb is on a new level.

Mark Webber - Worse

Last year he often got beat by narrow margins by his team-mate. There has scarcely been a narrow margin all year.

Lewis Hamilton - Worse

Too many mistakes.

Jenson Button - Same

He's been consistent and a winner of 2 Grands Prix in changeable conditions. Rien ça change!

Fernando Alonso - Better

Ferrari are nowhere near as good as they were last year, Fernando has made so few mistakes.

Felipe Massa - Worse

It is scarce that there is a hard luck story this year when comparing him to Alonso

Michael Schumacher - Better

Its an improvement...

Nico Rosberg - Same

The Mercedes is not as quick, but Nico still seems to be maximising!

Vitaly Petrov - Better

Not up against Kubica, but not looking bad

Rubens Barrichello - Worse

Not really getting on top of Maldonado as he did Hulkenburg

Adrian Sutil - Same

Aside from off the track behavioural issues, still producing

Kamui Kobayashi - Same

When he's good he's really good, when he's bad he's really bad.

Sebastian Buemi - Same

Same old Moose, picture of consistency, points when attrition

Jaime Alguersuari - Better

Still a crap qualifier, but making the most of races these days

Heikki Kovalainen - Same

Still taking the chances when they come, unlike his team-mate

Jarno Trulli - Better

Picking up places in races. Yes, that Jarno Trulli!

Timo Glock - Worse

Is di Grassi really that much worse than d'Ambrosio. Doubt it!
Sebastian Vettel - Better
Mark Webber - Worse
Lewis Hamilton - Worse
Jenson Button - Better
Fernando Alonso - Better
Felipe Massa - Same
Michael Schumacher - Better
Nico Rosberg - Better
Vitaly Petrov - Better
Rubens Barrichello - Worse
Adrian Sutil - Same
Kamui Kobayashi - Same
Sébastien Buemi - Better
Jaime Alguersuari - Better
Heikki Kovalainen - Same
Jarno Trulli - Better
Timo Glock - Same
Sebastian Vettel - Better, seems to prove his doubters wrong, a lot more consistent, no DNF's lowest finish is 4th.

Mark Webber - Worse, no wins in a car that's very capable of winning, forget wins, he's only achieved 2nd place twice in that car!
Lewis Hamilton - Worse, getting beat by Button, in too many incidents, 1 podium in the last 9 races in a car that's quite close if not better than the Red Bull in race pace.

Jenson Button - Slightly better, his drive in Monaco was probably his best drive in the dry this year, finishing ahead of his team-mate.

Fernando Alonso - Same, maybe slightly better since he's made less mistakes, hasn't claimed races are manipulated either.

Felipe Massa - Worse, highest finish is only 5th, his 2010 season was better, mainly due to his first half of the season.

Michael Schumacher - Better, faster than Rosberg on race pace, has improved quite a bit from Spain onwards.

Nico Rosberg - Worse, off the radar in many races, not as consistent as last year, sometimes find him lurking in 13th-18th in a few races.

Vitaly Petrov - Better, more consistently in the points, less rookie mistakes, kept up with a very experienced driver, no longer a pay driver in my view.

Rubens Barrichello - Worse, getting matched by Maldonado who was nowhere in the first few races, and hasn't reached Q3 once this year unlike his inexperienced team-mate who has got into Q3 a fair few times
Adrian Sutil - Worse, I don't whether he's worse or not, only way to compare him is to his team-mate, and his team-mate this year seems to be keeping up with him more than his last year's one.

Kamui Kobayashi - Same, would have put him in the "better" category, consistently in the points in the first half of the season, second half quite the opposite, so I think it balances out his season.

Sébastien "Moose" Buemi - Better, he can only get better as he is the Moose, a driver who is getting outshone by his team-mate in the points standing but that doesn't tell the whole story as he is getting punished for being faster than his team-mate in qualifying.

Jaime Alguersuari - Better, he is better than last year, but most of his points have been from being the slowest out of the midfield cars, therefore has a bigger advantage those around him, great qualifying from him in Spa though.

Heikki Kovalainen - Worse, he may be getting the glory in qualifying, during the race he is getting outperformed by his team-mate.

Jarno Trulli - Better, the qualifying master is getting beat in qualifying, but unusually, he is putting in better performances during the race and has got Lotus's crucial highest finish twice, which just keeps them above HRT.

Timo Glock - Same, not seen much of him this year, and is hard to compare since he has a new team-mate, the Virgin car seems worse than last year compared to the Lotus, there's talk about his motivation not being there, can't say he's doing a worse job as he is beating his team-mate.
For the top 5, there's an interesting comparison - and that is the number of points scored in 2010 after 14 rounds compared with the number of points scored in 2011 after 14 rounds....


Mark Webber 187
Lewis Hamilton 182
Fernando Alonso 166
Jenson Button 165
Sebastian Vettel 163

Sebastian Vettel 309
Jenson Button 185
Fernando Alonso 184
Mark Webber 182
Lewis Hamilton 168
Very interesting Artist, it mainly points out how dominant Vettel has been in the Red Bull this season rather than the others falling away, interesting to see Webbers only scored 5 points less than the same time last year, yet last year he was leading the championship, yet because of Vettels dominance Webber is looking like he’s having an awful season.
What's even more interesting is that this year, the top 5 have scored 1,028 points from 14 races - that's an average of 73.43 per race

However, in 2010, the top 5 had only scored 863 - an average of 61.6...

As such, the top 5 have dominated the top 5 positions in the races much more this season than last season!
Yeah, that’s another reason reliability in F1 isn’t always a good thing, specially for the smaller teams. Back when Minardi raced points were only down to sixth position yet they sometimes sniffed the odd point. I remember Badoer running quite highly (was it 4th place? Cant remember) but ironically he broke down too.
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