Does Webber need to play nice this season?


A fine chap if ever there was one.
Something that sprang to mind after reading the links Bernie's backing Webber as the key competitor for Vettel this year: I wondered if Webber being out of contract at the end of this year meant that this was his one remaining use-it-or-lose-it opportunity for WDC and, if so, whether or not he needs to totally get rid of the dutiful team-mate mentality and be focussed solely on his own success. IMO I think there's potential for some internal excitement in the RB garage. :thinking:
Balls out, no holds barred, widest car on the track, aggressive, obstructive, mean, bullying, selfish and arrogant.
Then, and only then, will he win the 2012 title.
EDIT: and Red Bull will need the best car on the grid.
Mark doesn't have to play nice this year, but he will.

He knows he missed his chance in 2010.

The only way he will wear out his welcome at Red Bull is if he somehow gets in Seb's way. If he just collects points like a good #2, he'll have a seat at RBR well into the future.
i think webber can afford to just be mad this year, try everything to beat vettel, win the australian gp and just finish his career with a bang
I think the first 4-5 races Mark has to be aggressive. He will only be allowed to win the title if he gets in front of Vettel like 2010. 5 races in and 25 points behind? I reckon he'll be playing bumper for the rest of the season.
So the normal Mark Webber then?

To be fair, Mark is sort of like Massa in the fact he doesn't like being overtaken and is quite aggressive in defending. Melbourne and Singapore 2010 springs to mind. Mark's main focus this year has to be to start going forward. Didn't he go most of last season without making a place up on the first lap?
I think he will go aggressive, balls out, wanting to beat his team-mate. And he won't come close to doing so. A lot like last season, actually.
Well what has he got to lose? Well, apart from his Red Bull seat, but he wouldn't want to sit behind Vettel for the next few years when he could go for it this season and at the very least leave with his reputation intact
Well what has he got to lose?

S'all about that

I would think that Webber is the least driven by money and think that, if he doesn't crack it this year, he will give up on F1.
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