Does Size Matter...?


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...When it comes to wheel size?

Why tyre size matters - Bridgestone explain

If the teams & FIA had agreed a smaller front wheel size, or larger rear wheel size for that matter, would it make any difference to the racing this year?

Presumably, a more balanced setup would be easier to come by, but not for all the cars? Sure, less oversteer is good but am I right in thinking that not all cars suffer from inherent oversteer? The Brawns being kinder to their tyres spring to mind.

Apart from the fact I have fond memories of those huge rear tyres of yesteryear, when F1 cars were real racing cars, would different size front/rear tyres make any difference?
I think its a case of different strokes for different folks. All of the cars would behave differently to a change in the tires as the whole balance of the car would move with it.

Certainly, some types of tyres would suit both certain types of car and certain types of driver but i think the overall key in this, same as everything else is...progress.

Right now the FIA are doing their level best to turn F1 into F33 & 3rd, worshiping at the alter of mediocraty, a more integrated dynamic in the sport, to push all aspects to the cutting edge would, by virtue of evolution, hightlight the best tyre type, along with everything else for that matter.
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