Display resolution survey

What's the lowest maximum horizontal resolution of your display(s) in pixels?

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We're going to be making a few changes to the site and ideally one of them will be to make it slightly wider to accomodate what we have planned.

Currently the site is designed to fit on displays with a maximum horizontal resolution of 1024 pixels.
Doing this though severely limits what we can and can't do, design wise.

I would therefore be grateful if everyone would post what the smallest horizontal resolution is of the display(s) they use, whether it's a desktop, laptop or notebook.

That will then give us some idea of where we can go with the design.
Ideally I'd like to go up to the next level which is 1280 pixels.

The 2 main computers I use are:
Desktop: 1600 x 1200
Laptop: 1280 x 800
So that makes my lowest resolution 1280.

On a related note, does anyone currently encounter any problems using the site now, with regards to monitor resolution?

If I've read this right, according to my properties the max on my lap top is 1024.

I haven't noticed any problems with resolution so far.
cider_and_toast said:
If I've read this right, according to my properties the max on my lap top is 1024.
That scuppers that plan then :D

I haven't noticed any problems with resolution so far.
You would if we went to 1280 as you would constantly have to be sideways scrolling to see the content.
Which would be a horrible user experience.
My widescreen (1920x1080) has loads of wasted space in most sites, however some are really funky and resize. Deviant Art.com, screenshotworld.com, Dabs.com, bleepingcomputer.com, are some examples. What are they doing and how are they able to do this? I know the people who run screenshotworld.com aren't particularly wealthy... :dunno:
Don't let me get in the way of progress mate. If you can live with some of the IT systems I've had to work with in the last 17 years you can work with anything.

It's fairly easy to do dynamic resizing but that doesn't really solve the problem as if I display charts and tables which are wider than 1024 pixels then it will cause problems for anyone using that size resolution.
To put it simply they just won't fit on the display and resizing them to fit isn't really an option due to resampling problems, etc.

Don't worry about it c_a_t, it was more wishful thinking than anything.
There's a reason why all the big sites (BBC, F1, etc.) are fixed to 980 pixels or so.

As you were the first to reply though I'll blame you anyway LOL
Now now cat all you need do is go on ebay and buy a laptop with a slightly higher resolution than your current one, which, by the sound of your current one should only cost a few pennies more than your average pick n mix LOL

My current monitor is 1680px wide.....and i have access to the code :whistle:
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