di Montezemelo threatens new break away


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As the Concorde agreement comes up for review Luca di Montezemelo has set his stall out to get a bigger slice of Bernie's pie:

“For me the presence of Bernie is a priority because Formula One can’t be ruled by the Stock Exchange,” he said. “We need people with credibility, personality and experience.

“But in the end we can always find a different promoter. At the end of the day this business is not so complicated.”

Could be an interesting battle as, if I remember correctly, FOM have the commercial rights to F1 for 100 years (sold at the request of the EU I believe) and as this a cash cow for CVC I don't see much incentive for them to offer too much more to the teams - just enough to keep the sweet if I was in their position.

I agree with some of Luca's comments in this article, especially about the cost to fans and the new circuits F1 is being dragged to, but struggle to see past the lack of objectivity and self interest in his comments.
Does anyone take anything FOTA or any of its members say seriously anymore?

I seem to remember them announcing a breakaway series last year, only to cancel their plans a week later and sign the new Concorde agreement.

To quote a phrase; it's time to put up or shut up.
The only way to do business with Bernie is to stick a knife to his throat. Unfortunately, he always has a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, pointed at your gonads. :disappointed:
'Differnent Promoter'

I just read that has Bernie Mark II running F1 rather then a breakaway series.

Any break-away series though would only mean one thing though. The end of Open Wheel racing being the pinnicale of F1. Anyhow if FOTA want to line there pockets with cash and hold F1 to ransom, they would get sod all. If FOTA wanred to do this for the right reason (Which they didn't last time) there are 1,000,001 better ways to do this.
If anyone paid any attention to di Montezemelo the sport would consist of the 3 car Ferrari team creaming off 90% of the revenue with no new constructors (I use this term loosely) allowed to enter the sport.

The man is full of hot air.
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