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I've put together a dedicated RSS news page with the latest headlines for all motorsports, as well as some specific series feeds.

So far the following feeds have been set up:
BBC Motorsport
BBC Motorsport Player
Formula One
Autosport F1
Telegraph F1
Pitpass F1
Autosport BTCC
BTCC Pages

If anyone has any others they'd like adding, please let me know.

Alternatively, if you think it's pointless and a waste of time, keep it to yourself :p :D

The news page can be reached at the following URL: or by clicking on the News button on the navigation bar.
Some initial feedback is that the news page might be better sorted by category (general motorsport, F1, etc.) rather than by source (Autosport, BBC, etc.).

I've made the necessary changes to the page so it is now set up as follows:

FIA Press Releases
General Motorsport (Autosport,, BBC, Guardian)
BBC Audio & Video
Formula One (Autosport, Formula One, ITV, F1-Live, Planet-F1, Telegraph, Pitpass)
BTCC (Autosport, BTCC Pages)

This has resulted in less headlines but I suspect most people aren't interested in items older than a few days or a week.

Again, if you have any suggestions for layout, new feeds, etc., please let me know.
The excellent ScarbsF1 blog has been added to the News feed.

He very kindly made one available after I asked for it.

It's under Motorsport Blogs at the bottom.
Any decent RSS readers for Mac? :)

I've wanted to use RSS for a while but with the advent of Twitter I thought I could put it off.

But now Twitter is mostly garbage (wait - it was always garbage), it'd be nice to get up-to-the-minute news without the nonsense.
Enja said:
Any decent RSS readers for Mac? :)
Does the News page and the feed on the home page not work for Macs?

Or do you mean a standalone RSS newsreader for Mac OS?
I never use the News page.

But yeah a standalone reader would be good. I remember using one for Windows actually, it was alright. But on the home computer I haven't found a decent free one for Mac.
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