Custom profile fields


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There are some new custom profile fields available in the UCP; they are:

  • Motorsport Followed
  • Favourite Circuit(s)
  • Favourite Season(s)
  • Favourite Race(s)
  • Favourite Team(s)
  • Favourite Driver(s)

These fields are only available when viewing a member's profile and not within posts beneath avatars on the left hand side.

The fields are of course optional and there is no obligation to enter any details.

The field settings can be changed if they are too limiting to add extra rows, characters, etc.

If anyone would like any other custom fields creating, please post here.
I assume 'Favourite Race' is a specific race so how about 'Favourite Track' for another one?

I like these though, nice to see people's preferences at a glance. Gives some context.. ;)
Good idea Enja, it's done :thumbsup:

You might need to re-enter your data as I deleted and re-created some of the fields.
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