CTA Membership...


Just thought I'd "have a browse" through the list of members on this site. I am amazed by the huge number of people who have never written a word on this Forum. I guess they prefer to read about F1 on here rather than contribute something, however little. Too bad.

I would like to suggest a bit more active participation would be a good thing for all of us.

(Unless, perchance, they're all WUMS...) :)
Ok - would like a few more to come to the party, that's all. :thumbsup:
So would everyone I suspect.

Starting new forums these days though is an uphill struggle due to all the competition from other forums, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Quite frankly I'm surprised we've made it to 3 years. If just 10 percent of the member base posted regularly that would be great.
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