Cost Cutters - the end of F1 as we know it?


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Given that the western world is financially in a bit of a pickle, does the seemingly ludicrous cost of running an F1 team signal the end of this beloved sport of ours as we know it? Or, even worse, signal it's impending doom entirely?

However much we may lament the schemes of the FIA, they do have the future of the sport at heart with when trying to cut costs. The latest wheeze was the single engine manufacturer. This was obviously designed to cut out the costs of engine development and therefore the cost of buying an engine, which teams like Williams are keen on and would probably encourage other new private teams to enter?

Although, seeing that all the other teams are car manufacturers with there own brands of engine, this went down like a lead balloon. If this particular cost cutting measure goes ahead, a few/most of these manufacturers would leave F1 entirely. This would be a counter effect from that intended by the FIA! Grid size would be reduced and the teams most likely to bank role the sport are the manufacturers. Unless a lot of private teams can be encouraged to enter because of it?

So, if there is a standard engine because of cost necessity, what will F1 look like?

And, if the standard engine cost cutting measure doesn't happen, something has to change. Can F1 continue to exist with the current financial climate as it is? Can F1 ride through the rough times ahead, keeping enough teams willing/able to afford the astronomical costs involved?

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The problem is, every time the FIA tries to reduce costs the teams end up spending more, well those that can afford it do.

Take the engine freeze for example.
Insted of allowing all teams to develop their engines, only those with the most money to burn were able to pursue that tiny percentage increase in performance that wasn't covered under the rules.
So instead of spending several million to increase performance by e.g. 5%, the teams ended up spending 50 million to increase performance by 0.5%.

Single engine will never be adopted.
There will no longer be a point to F1 - we might as well all watch GP2 or A1GP.
F1 has and always will be about chassis and engine and I can't see any of the major manufacturers using a rival's engine.

Sadly I don't know what the answer is.
It does look as if there's going to be a deep and protracted global recession and during that time I expect sponsorship will start to dry up and we will see several teams leave F1.
When that happens then F1 will no longer exist due to the minmum car rule so something drastic will need to take place.
i watched a1, twas fun. although this power boost didn't add much i thought. but the concept, sprint race and main race worked pretty well i thought. plus it was good to cheer on ones country for a achange :)
A1 series may be good, but we already have one of those! The world doesn't need another... :nah:

As Brogan says, single engines won't happen. I think there will be some fall out from the "recession" but F1 will continue to exist, hopefully!, but in what way? A few teams will fall by the wayside, and ok the concorde agreement (or it's latest incarnation) says there needs to be a minimum grid, but it can be altered to accomadate the latest reality. Surely? The teams will wise up to the reality of :censored: or bust!? Won't they..?

Maybe Mrs ex-Ecclestone can be pursuaded to give back some of what little Bernie's milked..? :whistle:
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