FIA Clamping down on radio communication relating to Driver performance


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This whole thing stinks of yet more reasons to impose penalties and ruin a race.

What a shit idea. Either allow radios or don't. Don't make up complex rules guaranteed to lead to penalties. Its crap like this that is driving away the casual fans.


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I watch F1 because I love the technical aspects of the sport and I love to see the "best drivers in the World" pitting their wits against one another. The FIA have managed to almost kill any technical development with the rules designed to cut costs and no the "best drivers in the World" need some bloke in the pits to tell them how to drive. Time to go:


Otherwise F1 will not only lose casual fans but long term old farts like me.


Setting aside for one moment what the Big Teams say to their veteran drivers. Imagine a team strapping a rookie into their 50 Million dollar prototype next season, giving him a tap on the head, and saying, "Get on with it lad! And do bring it back in one piece if you'd be so kind."


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Drivers are the last line of defence for any team. One has to assume that the TP (et al) will recruit the finest they can afford/cajole/obtain.

Having done that, why would you then want to constrain their 'natural talent' by introducing intrusive direction, engineers who 'engineer' but don't drive, some guy a thousand miles away with a big laptop, team orders and an arse in a suit who believes that when he was told 'we will win this GP' that was the deal and your brand will be 'up there'.

This is why I champion drivers rather than teams; it is also why I would like to see a return to driver expertise and death to any communication.

However, I suspect, few of our 'elites could cope now. Although there are a few who I would put my money on.
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Before during the parade lap, all kinds of adjustments are being engineered from the pit wall, jut in order to get these cars launched at the race start. This new rule which may make it easier for cars to stall when the red lights go out, should be go into play imo after the start of the race.


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I kinda hope that in the next few races there wil be quite a few stalls and restarts due to this clarification. That would be a nice backfire :)


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Stalls on the start are actually one of the biggest dangers left in the sport because the car is stranded and has 20 odd others hurtling towards it unsighted by others and not expecting you to be stationary. Plus if the staller is at the front by the time the cars at the back get there then they are pretty much up to speed.

If it does mean more stallers then we could see some nasty shunts.

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It will be ok if they all stall.

I think more likely will be that they will get too much wheelspin, as they will need to use previously gathered data, with a margin for error. The same as for all other bits.

I'm quite looking forward to it!!!


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Do we still know what the penalty is if they transgress on the Radio?

From the Sporting Regulations:

1) The penalty will be totally arbitrary and at the whim of Charlie and the stewards.

2) It may vary between a lifetime ban and a slap on the wrist according to how they feel at the time (and the driver involved).

3) It will be enforced in such a way that all fans will feel that their favourite driver is being discriminated against.

4) The categorisation of a "transgression" will be applied as inconsistently as possible.

5) If the imposition of a penalty may ruin the fight for the WDC or WCC then it must be applied as messily as possible.


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Coded radio messages are also banned.

Now each team is going to be scrutinising the radio calls of all other teams to check whether they are what they appear.


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Coded radio messages are also banned.

Now each team is going to be scrutinising the radio calls of all other teams to check whether they are what they appear.
How the Hell are thery going to know what a coded message is.

Driver - I think we need 2 turns on the Front Wing at the next Pit Stop.
Pit Crew - Rodger that, telemetary says 4, we'll confirm.

Driver then knows he needs to speed up in Turn 4..............
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