FIA Clamping down on radio communication relating to Driver performance

This is the most ridiculous part of the situation though;

Speaking about how different dealing with the race from the pit wall was now with the new radio limits, Boullier said: "Nothing, but it makes us more busy listening to the others to see they are not doing anything like Red Bull did twice on Ricciardo.

In other words, 'we're not gonna change anything but we'll make sure other teams do'. :bangfists:
Having been away on holiday I'd completely forgotten this new rule was in place and didn't remember until after the race finished which shows exactly how much difference it made.
I obviously missed the last minute change of the changed, changed, changed rules.
The FIA has decided to delay a total clampdown on team radio messages in Formula 1 until the start of next year, but any effort to help a driver with his own performance is still banned with immediate effect.

Typical FIA :rolleyes:
The recently introduced rules on radio traffic have been scrapped from 2015 onwards.
The drivers and engineers are free to discuss anything.

I can't say I noticed any difference and I suspect the impossibility of defining the scope and policing it is why it has been scrapped.
I think Ray Davis of the Kinks put it best when he wrote these lyrics:

"Standing in the middle of nowhere,
wondering how to begin
caught between tomorrow and yesterday
between now and then
And now it's back where we started
here we go round again
day after day I get up and I say
come on let's do it again."
Completely unenforceable would be my guess.

Since the partial restriction was introduced recently it made absolutely no difference whatsoever.
Teams were still giving the drivers as much information as they always have.
Maybe they should start a fine system then. Or a radio blackout system, unless there is a life threatening event.
Drivers should be left to drive. Teams supply the best equipment that they can. Drivers and teams talk before a race, and during free practice, after that it should be total silence.
That's my view anyway.
Indeed, as do most things in life.

My personal opinion is that progress has lead to a number of things which in my opinion are worse now than they were previously. Not all progress is bad, medical advancements for example, however, progress in social, political and economical areas seems to serve to banjaxe the advances made in Science and Medicine.

Edit: Sorry, going a bit off piste here :embarrassed:

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