China Boooooooring


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That's what you get for fiddling the calendar Bernie

Yawwwwwwwn - should have gone back to bed

Vettle won, a pole to flag yawnfest - seems that is all he can do in the rain?
Completely agree.

Got up really early and what a waste of time.
Well done Vettel/Webber and Red Bull though!
Shanghai is a crap circuit altogether. Nobody likes it. The drivers don't like it, the viewers don't like it but the man who matters doesn't give two hoots. Let's see what another sleepy Tilkedrome brings us next week (not much I'd imagine)...

Congrats to Red Bull :cheer:
At least the Brawn's didn't run away with it which is a step up; might be different in the dry next time out though. I'm sticking wiht my "potentially worst season ever" prediction.

The only bit of the turd which did get polished was due to Vettel's win. I was musing last night about how F1 needs a Superstar or two and if McLaren & Renault get their act together we could see Hamilton/Vettel/Alonso as something similar to the Prost/Senna/Mansell rivalry of the late 80's. Maybe we have to wait for next season?
Yep, another "race" ruined by Ecclestone insiting on holding it at an inappropriate time of the year.

Three races in and 2 of them have been ruined by weather when they didn't have to be.

With a bit of luck it won't rain next week at Bahrain...
I have to say I disagree with you.

The idea that the Chinese Grand Prix was "ruined" by the rain is really not true.

Do you remember last year's borefest? Lewis Hamilton drove away into the distance, was never challenged. There was a total of 9 overtaking moves last year. I'd say that because the circuit is so poor, rain helps to make the race exciting!
Brogan said:
Yep, another "race" ruined by Ecclestone insiting on holding it at an inappropriate time of the year.

Three races in and 2 of them have been ruined by weather when they didn't have to be.

With a bit of luck it won't rain next week at Bahrain...

I have to say, I don't agree that the Grand Prix was "ruined" by rain. It was decent once the Safety Car finally came in. However, the Shanghai circuit is pretty damn bad and, frankly, that is as good as you are going to get.


  • Heikki Kovalainen was able to complete lap 1 thanks to the Safety Car, and drove steadily to get a 5th place. Its a tale of what might have been for Lewis Hamilton who spun 4 times but was still fast enough to claim 3 points. Both McLaren drivers on 4 points now pending their exclusion from the Championship. 3 races, 4 points positions [1DQ] - good for such a slow car!
  • Another miserable week for Ferrari; Felipe Massa looked good until his car stopped whilst Kimi Raikkonen repeatedly got overtaken by Hamilton as well as half the rest of the field. He is just rubbish in the wet, and Ferrari must get points out of Bahrain unless they claim their worst start ever.
  • Robert Kubica had a really bad weekend. His rubbish qualifying was backed up with a rubbish race, his car at one point attempted to breed with Jarno Trulli's Toyota, lets hope a load of blue-red and white BMW-Toyotas don't grow on the spot...! As usual, there is little to say about Nick Heidfeld
  • Renault's strategy was an absolute joke, which gave Fernando Alonso no chance should it rain, and no chance should it by dry. Their tactical ineptitude is however matched by the general ineptitude of Nelson Piquet Jr., who surprisingly kept his place over the winter, and will be biting the bullet after Bahrain if this level of performance continues!
  • Jarno Trulli showed that he was useless in the wet, although it was not his fault that he had an early bath. However, he was slipping down the field at the same rate as Raikkonen, and was unable to add to his 8½ points in the Championship. He started at the front and moved back, whilst Timo Glock started at the back and ended up in a decent 7th after an embarrasing qualifying.
  • Sebastien Buemi did very well until he hit (?) team-mate Vettel and finished in a still-decent 8th. His run to Q3 in qualifying was still utterly brilliant! Sebastien Bourdais is standing behind Piquet in the firing line...
  • Red Bull, of course, had a brilliant race and were the fastest car on the grid in wet conditions. Do not forget that Vettel was faster than the Brawns in Q2, in the dry, as well. Who needs a double-decker diffuser? Sebastien Vettel took the win as he did at Monza, Mark Webber did a great job denying Button second. They secured 18 of their 19½ points here...
  • Kamikaze Kazuki Nakajima doesn't look in the same league as team-mate Nico Rosberg even when the German is disappointing! Williams will be gutted that they have 3½ points from races where their pace has been decent.
  • Force India's dreams of ever scoring points were shattered by Adrian Sutil's excursion through the bollards, unfortuanate but not unexpected. Where the hell was Giancarlo Fisichella and when will Tonio Liuzzi get a shot at his seat?
  • As for Brawn, they lead the Championship by 16½ points, they still look very fast and in the dry could have won the race. Rubens Barrichello was surprisingly slow and nearly got caught by Heikki Kovalainen, whilst Jenson Button did a decent job to gain more points than he did winning in Malaysia...
Not the most exciting race I ever witnessed. :bored:

I went to make my breakfast of poached eggs on toast, half way though the race... they were the highlight for me!

Well done Vettel, just try to make it a bit more exciting next time, eh? ;)
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