Championship analysis post Singapore 2012

If Vettel wins this season gaining his 3rd consecutive WDC, I wonder if people will start rate him a lot higher than perhaps they currently do, in part due to the apparent ease of the 2011 championship.
I completely agree although if we rephrased it as "who deserves to win the title, Lewis and McLaren or Fernando and Ferrari?" then it swings back towards Alonso. Both drivers have been supreme this year but Ferrari have outplayed McLaren, The reason, in my opinion, that Lewis and McLaren can't beat Fernando and Ferrari is largely due to the balance of resource in their respective pairs of garages. McLaren keep defending their "philosophy" but it does not seem to match up with their goals. It's about time they changed their approach, and not just for the remainder of the season.
My opening post in the McLaren team thread highlights that very point.

This year is probably their best opportunity since 2007....before it all went horribly wrong.
Yep. I have timidly mentioned in a couple of places today, with a huge fear of getting snipered, that McLaren's best bet would be to pat Jenson on the back, say thanks and send him over to Mercedes with a welcome letter for Nico. I think this forum might explode if that happens but, putting driver loyalties and affections aside, McLaren might actually start winning the championships that they should be winning.
Brogan - With apologies to Mephistopheles, this is the Red Bull-McLaren swing-o-meter for 2012. As it shows Red Bull made a lot of hey in the WCC battle in the summer, but since Germany it has looked like McLaren are starting to take points of McLaren. Whether it'll be enough is another question.

I don't think the forum would explode as much as if it was Lewis sent packing. Lets remember no one expecting Button to go to Mclaren - right now he's suppose to be arguing with Schumi over results in the lower half of the top ten. I think if Jenson was told bye bye we need to focus on Lewis and you're too good he and his hardcore fans would feel vindicated that he was finally getting the respect he deserved which is that he is the 4th best driver in F1 behind the main trio of Vettel, Alonso and Hamilton. I don't think Jenson went to Mclaren with any other ambition then to prove he's up there with the best. Mission accomplised. He can leave anytime now with his head held high.

In actual fact I think if Ferrari had offered him a 3 year deal last year he'd have gone there and had a dice with Fernando!

Back on topic. Whilst I completely agree Mclaren need to focus on a number one or they're just holding themselves back they're current policy of employing the two best they can isn't half a lot of fun isn't it?

Who knows - when Vettel goes to Ferrari in 2014 maybe Mclaren will do exactly what you suggest and we'll be having the argument the other way round.
I think the reasons behind McLaren not winning more in the last few years has had little to do with the relative merits of the drivers, 2008 aside.

Issues unrelated to drivers this season have cost McLaren a great deal, and without going into details, they could be well ahead in both championships by now without these.

I do not disagree with the sentiments expressed about the drivers, but I can't help thinking that there are other areas of improvement which would yield better results.
Then surely they could solve those problems by diverting some of their resources, which is exactly what is being suggested. McLaren's problems are not mutually exclusive.
I'm sorry, but I don't see how having Hamilton/Kovaleinen in 2008 was a more likely combination to win the WCC than having Hamilton/Button is this year.
It's an interesting discussion, I don't know if any of you have read the latest F1 racing but Peter Windsor has done an article on the number 1/2 scenarios at the top teams, it's a fascinating read
It wins the Constructors championship although as McLaren proved in 2007 (take out the DSQ's) that two very equal drivers could ruin a drivers championship
All of the drivers are good drivers. Ferrari operated on 1-2 system with their drivers, as did Renault. idea. It was a long time ago.
On a lesser scale Lotus do as well with Kimi being the certain number one driver but Lotus tend to let their drivers race each other as shown in Hungary
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