Football Capello quits as England manager; who will replace him?


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What an amazing series of events, isn't John Terry going to be Mr. Popular now?!

If I was in Redknapp's shoes I really don't think I'd be taking the England job at this time, even though it would be a great honour. He's really building something at Tottenham and unless he feels he can't take them any further I can't see him ditching that to be slaughtered every time the national side loses.

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Really strange time for him to quit as he was going anyway after the Euro's. If i was an England fan i would want either Harry Redknapp or Jose Mourinho.


Redknapp for the manager!
But as for Capello resigning from the manager's job over something as trivial as the FA whining about him criticising them - :rolleyes:.
And remember, Terry is still innocent (until proven guilty).
If I were in Terry's shoes I know who I want want my future as captain decided by - the England manager, rather than a man in a suit.


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Think Rednapper should stay at Tottenham, England have had a good team but have never succeeded the past several years, Capello is one of the best managers around and he couldn't achieve much, the back 4 of the England team also seem in decline, same could be said for the midfield, their current players have passed their best, 2010 was when the players were all in their prime.

With Tottenham getting better, and with him being their for a while, good things could happen with that team.


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I can remember 1999, the last time the press unanimously went for an English "motivator" to guide the England team after his predecessor was caught up in a scandal. We got Keegan. We bailed on Euro 2000 in the group stage having only scraped into the tournament.

I can remember 2006, the last time a foreign manager, having done a decent job, was forced out by the media, and the FA decided to take on an English manager who had won one domestic cup in his entire career. We got McClaren. We did not qualify for Euro 2008.

The problem with this situation is that anyone mad enough to take the England manager's job in this situation, undermined by the board before picking the team, is probably not good enough to do it almost by definition.

Just a note on who the FA have forced out. Fabio Capello missed his son's wedding to guide England to victory over the world champions in November. Any questions about his commitment and quality should be answered simply by the above statement.
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