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Start spreading the news, they're racing today! Yes it's the New York E-Prix; so good they race here twice. It's also the championship show down between Jean Eric Vergne and Sam Bird. In what is horrendous poor planning for a start up sport that needs all the viewers it can get, the final probable championship deciding race will take place on Sunday at the exact same time as the world cup final. The race on the Saturday also has it issues in the UK as it clashes with the England game. Sometimes this sport doesn't help itself. Oh well I guess that's what TVO was invented for.

JEV is the overwhelming favourite for the title going into the weekend and on balance probably the driver very much deserving the title. We all know deserving doesn't mean much. Last time out in Switzerland JEV claims he has the best Formula E race he'd ever done, however a whole host of penalties for drivers under the safety car meant he was shuffled down the order and Bird gained ground on him. Vergne described the penalties as 'very covenient for Formula E' and left it at that. Since that took place JEV won the LMP2 catogry at Le Mans...........only to be DQ'd after it finished. They say things come in 3's but let's hope not for JEV's sake.

What of Sam Bird? Well it's going to an uphill struggle where he basically needs to win both races. Fortunately for Birdy he did exactly that at New York last year. Yes Sam Bird is currently the undisputed King of New York (cue that Fun Lovin Criminals song), however Sam has pointed out that they have changed the circuit this year and he claims it will not suit his DS Virgin car as much. Sam Bird is one of those blokes its very hard not to like and cheer on so if he does take the title I think nearly all will be happy for him. I'd love to see him do it but I think the gap is too far.

This E-Prix marks the end of an era for Formula E as we say goodbye to the Gen 1 car that has given us such good action. It will also be the last time we see car changes in Formula E which no one will miss. We will miss the EDAMS team though who will disappear off the grid to be replaced by their sister outfit Nissan next year. They take with them Nico Prost who no one will miss in the slightest. It looks like the end of the electric journey for a few actually as its suggested Nick Heidfd won't be back which is a shame. Also Alex Lynn could be on his way out which is no big surprise as he has been completely useless this season.

For what it's worth I expect bumper to bumper action with Audi winning the races and JEV winning the title. I have been very wrong in the past though.
You are indeed right rufus_mcdufus I was reading the start time for qualifying which is the same as the Football. I still think it's silly to have it on same weekend as the world cup final though.
Its going to be a interesting race. It was never supposed to be title decider but because of montreal pulling out. Its what we have. Been reading that mind games have already begun ahead of tonight. Vergne says Bird is “trying to find excuses” ahead of the finale. With the track almost 1/3 of a mile longer, with 4 new corners extending the track from Turn 6 and replacing the tight hairpin that previously held that corner spot. Bird said that the longer track would add to Virgin’s struggles with energy efficiency and mean taking more of the flowing turns that do not suit its package. But Vergne expects them to still be fast here i think he’s trying to find excuses, Their car had been good all year round. There is not a single track where they were slow so I expect them to still be fast here.

I find JEV the big favourite. But 1 retirement it all changes. If history does repeat itself, with race 1 - Bird 1st JEV 2nd & race 2 - bird 1st JEV 8th. Then Sam Bird would win the title by 8 pts. If sam bird had the perfect weekend 2 poles & wins then JEV would need 2 2nd places to clinch the title
It was always going to be a bit spicey between these two as they were not the best of friends when they were team mates.
Congrats to vergne, well deserved as he has been the best driver all year :1st: although I'm confused at the Frenchmen's motivations to get the title sown up a day early must be looking forward to stage 9 of the tour de france. cant think of any other sport on ;)

but fantastic drive from vergne starting from the back took it easy in the 1st few laps while everything was bunched up & didnt panic when Bird got up to 8th place, bit by bit came through the field in the end what seemed unlikely was pretty comfortable as bird really did struggle around the track. then once piquet retired. it was sown up because his teammate if he liked his job was going to jump out the way for 5th. then even then bird had to over take 2 cars, take pole & win. then hope vergne retired

but thinking in the future, I'm worried about competitiveness in 2019 because them audi look a class apart could be Mercedes 2014 all over again
I am, as usual, confused by what happens in qualifying. I thought that the aim of qualifying was to grade the drivers according to the time taken over a single flying lap; I had not realised that the drivers were not allowed to go flat out, it seems crazy to me to place a limit on the power that they are allowed to use, especially as the readings given are not necessarily what is being put onto the track surface.

However I do hope that my signed photograph of Verne that I got from him at Monza has gone up in value.
Race 1 was a bit dull, although many congrats to JEV on the Championship despite wearing the wrong underpants. Race 2 was a bit more exciting. Let's hope the new formula for next year will give us more close racing.
It seemed to me that had Audi not cocked the early races up there would have been a different champion. As it was they still took the team championship, I don't think that they will make the same mistakes again.
Complete reset next year though. New cars, new output, new regs and new race format. So whilst Audi can roll the experience over they'll still be starting from scratch like everyone else.
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