Can Ferrari deliver Alonso the title?

Can Ferrari deliver Alonso the title?

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In recent weeks and months Ferrari's form has slipped from winning races, to consistently coming home with safe points.

Since Sliverstone or was it Hockenheim, one of the two anyways, Fernando has not won a race and with 4 remaining and from been a good 40 points ahead at one point, he has lost his championship lead and now is six points behind.

Fernando has since seen his team-mate slowly getting on with it and needs Felipe to take as many points away from Vettel as possible.

Have Ferrari got it in them to keep the upgrades coming and give Alonso that long awaited 3rd drivers championship?
I've voted no but I always have this feeling Alonso won both his titles in a Piquet-esque way - win when you can but bring it home in the points. I may be doing him a dis-service, I'm sure most fans of Fernando will think so. He's a great driver but Ferrari seem to be lagging behind and will have to do something exceptional with their car to get in front of the Red Bulls or rely on unreliability in their opponents.
I've voted no but I always have this feeling Alonso won both his titles in a Piquet-esque way - win when you can but bring it home in the points..


I don't think it was a comparable situation. Piquet in his Williams years was driving the fastest car on the grid and was principally fighting team-mate Mansell. Nelson reaped the benefits of better reliability than his team-mate and while Nigel was quicker in that period, some of it came at the cost of greater risk-taking.

Alonso in 2005 was competing against a faster but less reliable McLaren. He wasn't "driving for points", he often had no other choice.
Hey, I thought Nelson Piquet was a great driver Incubus, so not a criticism. If that's the way to win a title then well done both of them.
The only way Ferrari are going to win the title is if red bull fail either mechanically or strategically. Won't be a case of Ferrari winning it for Alonso than Red bull messing up and handing them the titles.
Can't add much more than FB and F1Yorkshire have already said, unless SF bring some significant upgrades, and with 4 left to run you know the R&D department are concentrating on the 2013 car, others may nick points off Vettel Red Bull but as mentioned, it's theirs to lose now.
Vettel has led the last 145 consecutive laps. Methinks Newey has restored the magic that the RB7 had.

Last Friday, before his win at Korea, SkyBet were giving 1:2 on Vettel winning WDC (although he then still was trailing Alonso by four points). Monday, after Korea, Skybet are giving 1:4.

I'd say they're on to something.
Time for my tuppence worth I guess. In the last 4 GP's Red Bull haven't been dominant. At Monza both Hamilton and Alonso had the measure of the Vettel. As we all know Vettel earned himself a drive through trying to hold off Alonso. Hamilton would have won Singapore if his gearbox hadn't failed. Vettel dominated Suzuka, no doubt about it, but that was more than likely track specific. Korea was dominated by drivers conserving their tyres. No one was going to challenge the Red Bulls without destroying their tyres hence they settled for their positions rather than stress their cars knowing they couldn't gain a place. They're all on their final engine cycle and are thinking ahead. If any of the leading drivers, including Vettel and Webber, had pushed any harder they would have risked tyre failure so the race told us nothing about any of the cars true pace. A comfortable win for Vettel but nothing to indicate he could dominate in the remaining races. Who's going to win the title? I wouldn't have a clue. :popcorn:
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I have no doubt that Ferrari can deliver Alonso the title. They have all the technology and people and if they can repeat their Barcelona step, it is quite possible.

Whether they will deliver the title is another matter. I would not bet against Vettel, even at Fernando's current odds of 3/1. :)
The Red Bull is perhaps not the fastest car but it is a lot quicker than the Ferrari in qualifying and significantly quick in race pace. Were Alonso and Ferrari chasing down Hamilton and McLaren I would put money on Alonso doing it but they are not. They are chasing down Vettel, a Red Bull and Adrian Newey, it is a no brainer.
Why not?

Ferrari might have not given Alonso the best car out there, but they've made up with it in every other aspect. Through strategies, great pitstops, getting the car more competitive than it was. They've had a bit of luck through weather and other teams misfortunes, but they've been there.

They look like the team from 2000-2004, that is without a dominant car though.
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