Brendon Hartley on the move?

I think the last test he did was with the 2009 Red Bull so it wouldn't be very up to date news! ;)
Although Brendon has been one of the Red Bull drivers since half way through the 2009 season, due to the testing restrictions he has actually had very little time in the car.

It's really not a good time to be an up and coming F1 driver as there is very little opportunity to show your talent.
I tend to disagree.

Junior drivers have always come into F1 and drove cars into smithereens, drove other competitors mad and gave us all a good laugh. Even a young Schumi.

I am sure there is a huge crowd of kids who all want to be F1 drivers, some more talented then others. Bu the point is, there are very very few seats. So go and drive in another series, do your time there and show the world what you can do. But dont go to a newspaper all teary eyed 'I am an F1 driver but I cannot find a seat'. Cos maybe its the other way around, maybe its a team who should say 'hey, now there's an F1 driver'.

The point that the ban on testing is the cause, makes me laugh actually. There were times when even the most experienced drivers had no clue how their car would react and still they went out and drove the thing. I at times also have a good laugh when I hear drivers explain why thy didnt finish. Cos I remember drivers being stuck in 1 gear and finishing, or having other minor inconveniences and still finishing the race. F1 is a mechanical sport so things can and will break. If you cannot deal with that, you should not be in F1.

Long story to say, I dont like the attitude of this guy. Even though he mildly looks like a young James Hunt.
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