Blockbuster Thread II

Blimey FB, There's no stopping you.

The link is that they are all the works Lotus drivers who have all competed in the Indy 500 at some stage of their careers.

Over to you then FB for the next question. :thumbsup:
Sorry C_A_T, the Lotus link just came to me. Okay, which L was a rugby player, a butchers assistant, and team owner?
No need to apologise mate. I was impressed. :thumbsup:

As for your question, need some time to think about that one. :D
Not everyone, maybe 9 out of 10. :whistle:

They were the best team ever bar none in the entire history of Formula one and that's not me being bias just ask any one and they'll say the same

Sorry FB, Haven't looked at this thread for a while.

Ok so, Which L was a rugby player, a team owner and a butchers assistant.

Hmmm, I can think of a couple of team owners begining with L and the chances are that I'm about to pick the wrong one of them but I'm going to guess at:

Guy Ligier ??
Well it's only taken 4 months but that is spot on, Fedup.

Dennie Hulme was indeed known as "the bear" and the logo on the Hesketh nose cone was indeed a yellow bear in a white crash helmet.

Over to you if you wish to post a question and let's hope it dosn't take 4 more months for someone to answer.
Thanks CaT.

Which C holds fastest lap record, pole time, first win and last win?


Should add at the same circuit....Easy........


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The only one I could come with was Peter Collins but his first & last wins were at different circuits so you've stumped me Fedup...
Thanks, very clever. A little bit of archive checking throws light on the 1959 Portugese GP; held for the only time at Monsato. This was won by Stirling Moss driving for Cooper!
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