Blockbuster Thread II

Was it the Fittapaldi brothers team? Can't spell it but I think it was Copersucre or something like that ??
Good call. Sucre is sugar in a lot of languages.

I was thinking Candy (Tyrrell) but couldn't work out how the alcohol fitted in LOL
It was indeed the Copersucar team. If truth be told the team was always Fittipaldi cars but were called Copesucar as they were the title sponsor - bit like Lotus cars being John Player Specials I suppose.
Thankyou for using the correct TBY shorthand rather than the evil TY!

Lewis Hamilton's 9 Grand Prix wins have all come at different circuits. Only one driver has won more Grand Prix than Hamilton all at different circuits. Which A is it?
TBY my initial reaction was Rene Arnoux but he only won 7 GP. So, is it "Super" Mario Andretti? 12 GP wins and although he won in France twice one was at Dijon (Mmmm, mustard) and the other at Paul Ricard (Yum, aniseedy).
Despite trawling through every driver above 9 on a website, my question wasn't hard enough! It is indeed Super Mario Andretti. Lewis Hamilton holds the record for most wins all at different Grand Prix, and as I have mentioned he looks a possibility to break Andretti's record since 5 of the 9 circuits he has won F1 races on have been knocked off the calendar by 2010!
I guess it's my go again! Which B won Le Mans as well as driving for McLaren and Ferrari in F1?
I'm going to take a punt on this because no one else seems to have a clue.

Was it Derek Bell ? I know he had one or two races for Ferrari and I think one or two for Lotus but I'm not sure he ever drove for Mclaren ?? Only Le Mans Winner I could think of beginning with B who was anywhere close.
It was indeed Derek Bell. According to his Wikipedia profile he drove for Ferrari, McLaren, Brabham, Surtees and Tecno as well as winning Le Mans 5 times.
Which "R" is missing from this list?

Gijs Van Lennep
Chris Amon
Derek Daly
Marc Surer
Eliseo Salazar

Close but you don't win the cookie.

Yes, they did all drive for the Ensign team however the actual link was that they were all the drivers who actually scored points for the Ensign team.
Ah, but I like cookies

Okay, hopefully this one may be a little tougher. Which M was called Entschlossener (the determined one) by his Mother?
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