Big Brother does F1

To be read in a Geordie accent...

Race 14 in the Big Brother F1 series. Sebastian finished first again in Sunday's Grand Prix challenge and is now immune from eviction. Jenson put in a late charge but was unable to stop the finger from rising once again. Rumours persist that his love affair with Martin is in trouble and he's making eyes at the old Italian team. Could he swap his English rose for a Latin temptress?

Mark managed one of his best results but yet again had trouble pedalling his car away at the start. He's looking safe from eviction at the end of the season as his Austrian friend won't vote him out. Fernando looked very lonely and despite the hot weather still couldn't get his hards warm while his softs wore out too quickly.

Lewis has received the most nominations by the other drivers and had to be punished by Big Brother for bullying his little Brazilian house mate. Paul finished 6th but no one knew if he was happy or sad as the subtitle machine had gone wrong and no one understood anything he said when he spoke to Big Brother in the diary room.

Nico was lucky to finish 7th after the oldest house mate showed the danger of letting pensioners drive racing cars. Adrian was 8th and Felipe managed 9th, despite being bullied by Lewis. He was still very angry, pushing Lewis in the diary room after the race.

Sergio came 10th. Big Brother has discovered he's also interested in the old Italian team and even took out one of the teams older sister for a few laps to prove how much he loves them.

Join us again in two weeks time to find out if Sebastian can win again and who will be evicted from Big Brother's F1...
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