Belgium GP - Silly Sweepstake


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This races sweepstake comes from the blue flag brigade - a gentlemans league of being overtaken

All you have to do is guess how many times the race winner laps other cars in the field that were classified finishers (according to the official published race classification).

This is not an official statistical review so there is no prize for the first smartass that points out that Senna unlapped himself in Spain once or any other example come to think of it :D
Bearing in mind Spa is the longest circuit and has a relatively fast lap time, taking the existing fastest laps and equalising them all based on Spa this is what we get.

Italy		1:37.988
Belgium 1:47.263
Great Britain 1:47.860
Japan 1:50.409
Australia 1:51.109
Turkey 1:51.227
Germany 1:52.977
Brazil 1:56.175
Canada 1:58.241
China 1:58.517
Malaysia 1:59.058
France 1:59.687
Japan 2:00.380
Germany 2:01.724
Spain 2:02.882
Hungary 2:06.413
Abu Dhabi 2:06.459
Europe 2:07.547
Bahrain 2:11.526
Singapore 2:25.794
Monaco 2:36.099
Korea N/A

From those figures I can see that there is absolutely no correlation between circuit length, lap time and the number of times drivers have been lapped.

So I'll go for 6 :D
Looking at those previous races, the number 21 has come up most often (If I deliberately ignore the number 8).

So, I choose 23. :dunno:
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