2019 Azerbajian GP pre-race quiz


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ah sorry for the lateness of this covering holidays at work & being distracted by sheff utd impending promotion to the premier league. ive not really thought of F1. but here you go & thought id out a picture quiz at the end for a change

Who won the 1st Azerbaijan GP
Daniel Ricciardo (Rosberg was European GP)

During qualifying for the 2016 race, what unofficial record did Bottas set
Highest ever speed recorded in an F1 car at 378 km/h.

Who is the only driver with multiple podium finishes at Baku
Sergio Perez (having done so in 2016 & 2018)

Alonso dragged his car back to the pits despite a double puncture on the left side, which usually would just be parked. Where did he finish

Baku is Anti Clockwise circuit, can you name the 4 other circuits on 2019 calendar
Singapore, USA, Brazil & Abu Dhabi

Lance Stroll in 2017 became the 2nd youngest person to stand on a podium, everyone knows the youngest, but who was the 3rd youngest
Sebastian Vettel

Crash Gate was huge part of 2017 race, but who finished higher Vettel or Hamilton
Vettel 4th (Hamilton 5th)

Of course it started oddly as European GP. who won the 1st ever Official European GP in 1983
Nelson Piquet

Which Circuit Has Hosted the most European GPs
Nürburgring (with 12)

You see this every year on the pit straight behind the paddock but what is this building

Baku Government Building
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I got 5 right. I have an idea about the spoiler but might be wrong.

The finishing order in the Eurovision Song Contest held in Baku
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