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So with the Drivers' Championship dead, and the Constructors going the same way, who is fighting for positions in either championships?

Button 210, Alonso 202, Webber 194, Hamilton 178
The man in form is Button, but Alonso is only 8 points back. It seems like a long road for Lewis to get back in touch though!​
Rosberg 63, Schumacher 60
The man in form is Schumi, but the Mercedes team battle could still go either way.​
Heidfeld 34, Sutil 28, Kobayashi 27, di Resta 20
Are there going to be enough points left that any of these three could catch Heidfeld. Either way, Kobayashi seems more likely to be ambushed by di Resta than catch Sutil.​
Renault 72, Force India 48, Sauber 40
The story here is really P6, but there's a chance the Force, who've been gaining, could topple Renault if everything goes well. Japan, though, was their first no score since Silverstone.​


I'll be watching di Resta closely. I would love to see him jump over Kobash and help Force India leapfrog Renault as well.

To be honest, I find P2 rather meaningless this year. I don't see how/why anyone will remember anything but Vettel's domination in 2011.


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P2 - Button, the guys on fire at the moment and has impressed me as I’ve never really been a fan of his in the past.

P7 - A good battle, Schumacher if there’s no or equal DNF’s between them as Schumacher is now consistently outracing Rosberg but has had more DNF’s.

P10 - Tough battle, probably Heidfeld as they’re fighting for scraps but I’m going to say Sutil as a couple more 8th or 9th and he could be there.

WCC P5 Renault, P6 Force India. Cant see Sauber beating Force India but you never know, they do surprise sometimes look at Perez in Suzuka, good result. Force India are doing well, could potentially catch Renault but they’re just too far in front for the amount of remaining races.


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I can't see Force India to go past Renault, they didn't score at all in Japan and Renault (at least Petrov) seems to have found something to keep the FIs behind.
Sutil btw. looks rather dull, they should replace him with Hulkenberg next year...


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I have previously tipped Webber to finish second, that prediction is looking a little shaky after his worse-than-expected performance at Suzuka but I'd better not change it now...

There's likely to be at least one wet race to come I reckon, which would give the midfield battlers the potential for big points. Just not sure who would be the man to pick them up, hmm. I can't see Renault being overhauled now, though I think both Force India and Sauber will outscore them in the remaining races, and Heidfeld will probably be usurped.


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This isn't about Massa, stay on topic.

Anyway, I'm hoping Sauber manage to catch FI before the end of the season. Could be difficult but I'm sure they're going to give it their all. I know I'm going to keep my fingers crossed ;)


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P2 - Button will definetly finish 2nd in the WDC as Lewis Hamilton is probably going to have a few more accidents, Mark Webber is just ridiculously outdriven by Vettel and completely demoralised, and Alonso? Well I don't think he can match Button at the moment...

P7 - Don't know what's wrong with Nico. He seems totally lacklustre. Maybe he sees his career slipping through his fingers and gets frustrated, or maybe he finally accepts MSC masterful dominanceover him (lol just kidding).
I still think he will have the edge over MSC this year, but just because I believe MSC is going to have one or two DNFs...Next year though I think ROS will be annhiliated by MSC.

P10 - Heidfeld definetly. Kobayashi lost his form, Sutil? is he still on the grid or already in jail? He is just to quiet at the moment. And I don't think di Resta is going to score 14 or more points, he is just too inconsistent. He only scored 20 points this season so far, how is he going to score 14 or more in only 4 races. I know you guys are mainly British, but I am not sure if he is really that terrific prospect many here seem to believe. But I like the guy, so I would be happy if he would succeed in the future.

WCC P5 Renault, P6 Force India P7 Sauber

WCC P10 I would go with Team Lotus on this one. Don't see HRT scoring two more 13th places, because reliability seems to improve even more as the season progresses.

Massa: Sadly he does not deserve a seat in one of the top cars anymore. His only purpose at Ferrari is to serve as Alonso's personal slave...


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Well when the topic for 2nd place arised, I did say that It would be close as Alonso is consistent, Webber has the better car, Buttons in the form of his life and Hamilton who's fortune will change.

With McLaren having a fast car now, I would say it's between Button and Alonso that is if, the Ferrari is as competitive as it was at Suzuka.

I can see Schumacher beating Rosberg, well he has been beating him since Spain I put up the comparison in the Schumacher thread

Don't see Renault getting beat either too much of a gap, I think Sutil might just surpass Heidfeld.

Another battle between Alguersuari and Buemi could be interesting...

Indeed, that will be interesting, I know who I will be rooting for!

Moooooose!! :cheer:

However if Alguersuari keeps qualifying 18th then :(


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Think Schumacher could/would have overtaken Rosberg in the standings today. He was ahead of Alonso when he was taken out by Petrov so a good chance of finishing ahead of at least one of the Ferraris. Schumacher would have probably finished 7th, 6th possibly, this would have demoted Rosberg to 9th.

2 points for 9th vs. 6 for 7th (or 8 for 6th) and he was 3 points behind.


Think Schumacher could/would have overtaken Rosberg in the standings today. He was ahead of Alonso when he was taken out by Petrov so a good chance of finishing ahead of at least one of the Ferraris. Schumacher would have probably finished 7th, 6th possibly, this would have demoted Rosberg to 9th.
2 points for 9th vs. 6 for 7th (or 8 for 6th) and he was 3 points behind.

To be fair, Rosberg has had at least 2 blameless DNFs that I can recall: taken out by Barrichello in Australia and Liuzzi in Monza. I'm sure Michael is more concerned about the Mercedes team catching up to the front 3 next year anyway.


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Blast! I'm going to have to rewatch the race now. From the posts above it's clear to me that either, apart from Mark and Lewis dicing, Petrov emulating Schumacher but missing his real target, Alonso (sic) I don't remember anything else of interest.:embarrassed:


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Yup, Rosberg jumped both Ferraris and Schumacher jumped Petrov and Alonso in the first pitstops, and Schumacher was 5 seconds behind Alonso when he stopped great achievement by the Mercs that went unnoticed. Rosberg later flat spotted his tyre forcing him to stop early which ruined his charge and we’ll never know if Schumacher would have held Alonso off or jumped the other Ferrari at the next stops.


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Yeah I think Schumacher probably would have got at least Rosberg, he was running well, and plus Rosberg was on the set of tyres for a really long time plus marginal fuel.

A bit silly from Petrov, I like both drivers, they were both running strong races...but:disappointed:
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