Battle of the Higher Midfield

They're all within 6 points of each other, but who will finish the season highest in the WDC?

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Hmmm, this is extremely tricky to predict, especially with the ban on off throttle EBD's coming into effect from Silverstone onwards.

In my opinion it will be between Renault and Mercedes.
As good as Kamui is, I think the current standings are flattering him somewhat due to various problems the others have had and I don't think the Sauber is quite at the same level.

I'm going to gamble on Mercedes getting their act together and once again I think Rosberg will finish ahead of his team mate.

So I've gone for Nico.
Agreed re Mercedes but:
Schumacher, he's just convinced himself he's still got it (I'm not convinced yet though!) and he's getting the car to move towards him.
Schumi for me just think he will the Mercs are doing better and the car just keeps coming to schumi

EDIT: I dont think the Mercs are higher mid i think there lower front runners
Going off Schumacher's recent form I think he'll nab it, but Im gonna wait until after Silverstone before making a decision, think it's gonna be a Mercedes though.
Think it will be Rosberg, he's basically got to if he wants to impress other teams, and is the most likely too. Although it is very close, as Petrov and Heidfeld should have more points than they have but have been caught up in a fair few incidents. Don't know about Schumacher if I am honest...
Rosberg isn't having the best of season's so far but in the Merc I can't see him finishing behind Schumacher. I think he's the best driver out of the list and he's almost certainly in the car that has the most promise.
Normally I would say Rosberg, but recently Schumacher has given evidence to show he is faster than his team mate. But it's early doors yet.
I think the Renaults will loose out on the hot blown diffuser, so my money goes on the Mercs. As much as I'd like it to be Schumacher, I think Rosberg has his measure in the dry. Schuey seems to struggle with rear tyres in dry conditions.
I would love to say Kobi and I do think he'll finish above at least one of the Renault drivers because he seems to get in the points every race but realistically I've got to go for Schumi because the Merc looks the better car and he's already in front of Rosberg and most of his fave tracks are still to come (i.e Silverstone, Spa, Monza, Susuka, Hungaroring)
I picked Schumacher, he has seen it all before and may if Petronas continue the development get the perfect car setup for him.

Essentially it wil be a Schumacher vs Rosberg on theory, but theory is only as good as the chalk it is written in.
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