Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez

Cool. Ok so we've lost the Peraltada but yeah, that stadium bit looks pretty good.

That, and the huge main straight which will see those turbo engines gasping for air.

If history is anything to go by, it should be a serious challenge for the drivers and the cars. Genuinely looking forward to this one now.
This circuit should be a passing circuit ... and probably a tyre eater as well ...

Am toying with the idea of the Austin & Mexico double header ... Austin accomodation, etc is already squared away ... just tix procurement closer to race day ... I think the War Office will kibosh the idea ... or alternatively it would cost me 2 or 3 x Mexico GP price tag if I was to float this out their ...

I am just glad that at the tail end of the season we have racing every seven days for a change !!
No different to many other circuits.

Besides, I expect there will be Tecpro barriers or something similar to dissipate the energy.
or just big rubber inflated bumpers be put on each side of the stands in the "chute" ... with random hydraulics to knock cars around to "spice it up" ....
Might yet prove to be a car-breaker. Back in the day the one thing was notorious for was its distinction as the bumpiest track of the lot, by a long way.

Doesn't matter how many layers of new tarmac they lay, it'll always be bumpy, as the ground underneath rumbles and and twitches constantly.
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What's the betting the last layer of tarmac is put down about 24 hours before the race starts. As has been pointed out earlier in this thread it will probably need to be resurfaced every year given the tectonic movements beneath the surface.
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