Another strange stewards decision?


Now I don't want to detract from Rosbergs 2nd position, he was quick all the way through and deserved his place. However, am I alone in thinking that things could have been very different if the stewards had actually pulled their fingers out and applied the rules with some degree of urgency? I've just watched the race and fair enough Rosberg had to pit for fuel when the pit lane was closed - undisputed 10 sec stop go penalty. This meant that when the pit lane was opened for the rest to refuel, legitmately, Rosberg was left out in the lead. He then hammered it while the rest of the pack were trundling around behind (Trulli?) gaining some 3 seconds a lap until, some 6-7 laps later the notice came up that he was under investigation. Given that he still had 3 laps before he actually had to come in he'd managed to build up a 21 second lead enabling him to rejoin in 2nd, not much of a penalty in my view. Even more strange was that he commited the 'offence' 2 laps earlier than Massa (who was called in after only 6 further laps), and it was a cut and dry stop/go, why did it take so long for the penalty to be called? I'm not blaming Williams, they took advantage of the situation brilliantly, but are the stewards really only capable of making one decision at a time?
Fully agree.

For what is a guaranteed, 100% penalty with no chance of it not being awarded, why on earth did it take the stewards so long to first of all announce that they were investigating it and then to actually award it?

Surely it should just be an automatic penalty and they have 3 laps from when the safety car comes in to serve it?
Fully agree, I was wondering why it took them so long to investigate a 100% guaranteed penalty.

*joke/conspiracy head on*

I think the FIA were trying to work out how to minimise LHs points, surpised they didn't try to give him a penalty for some imaginary infrigement

*joke/conspiracy head off*
I'd love to think it was some sort of complex conspiracy to deny Hamilton. Unfortunately I'm more inclined to believe it's just gross incompetence. What were they doing as soon as the safety car came out? Didn't they have marshalls looking for pit lane infringements? Couldn't they find any ice for their G&T's?
Just had a quick look at some of the fanboys on 606 and some are asking why Alonso didn't get a drive through/25 sec post race time penalty for cutting the first chicane on the first lap? Wouldn't want to see it happen, but they do have a point, he actually gained two places - if I could figure out how to do the you tube thing I'd post it.
Next up - Europe have been declared Ryder Cup winners after USA team were docked 10 shots for cutting corners on the fairway!
Yeah, I thopught he was going to get a drive through during the race, but never happened, guess it only matters if you are in a silver car.
RickD said:
Yeah, I thopught he was going to get a drive through during the race, but never happened, guess it only matters if you are in a silver car.

Fully agree, this had a major impact on the race as he would have been stuck behind MORE traffic. I can't believe he got away with it and I don't know why the other teams are not contesting it? :s
Lets face it though, if he'd got past all the traffic (Williams' and Trulli) he wouldn't have given up on his three-stop strategy and therefore had to pit at SC1 and therefore not got any advantage from it! Nico would have won the race!

He was trying an odd strategy because his RENAULT broke in Q2!
He fueled longer because his RENAULT couldn't overtake!
He took the lead because Piquet threw his RENAULT in a wall!

Some teams have won GPs despite a bad race, Renault actually became the first ever team to win a GP because they had a bad race!
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