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I haven't written a quiz for a while so here's one about the sign writing on the cars which is supposed to flog stuff to us.

1. Which beer company sponsored Williams in early 90's?


2. Back in the glory days of Tobacco advertising (?) Chesterfield slapped some pretty garish colours on to one teams cars. Which team?

BMS Scuderia Italia - you can have a point if you said Scuderia Italia

3. At the end of last year Tag Heuer moved from McLaren to Red Bull as sponsors. Which watch manufacturer sponsored Sauber in 1994?


4. Parmalat were title sponsors of Brabham in the early 80's but which driver did they personally sponsor in the late 90's?

Pedro Diniz at Forti, Arrows, Ligier and Sauber

5. Red Bull were title sponsors of Sauber in 1996 but which oil company's logos were on the side pods?


6. Elf were the oil company sponsoring Williams in 1996, who replaced them in 1997?


7. Rothmans pulled the plug on Williams for 1998, which tobacco company stepped in to replace them?


8. Stewart Grand Prix wouldn't accept tobacco money so which equally, morally suspect institution did it turn to to support it's racing ambitions?

Banks, or specifically HSBC - a point for either

9. Which now defunct computer brand sponsored Williams in 2000?

Compaq which became part of HP but no points for HP

10. Toyota announced they would be racing in F1 at the end of 2001. Which company[spoiler was their title sponsor?

6/10. More than happy with that. Good quiz. Got confused with the Tag / Sauber question and thought you meant car maker when you said manufacturer.
7, but strictly speaking question 7 is not correct

Winfield was a partner company to Rothmans, and the board felt that it would be a more appropriate brand to highlight
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