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A few questions on some obscure F1 facts.

1. For 1/3rd of point who won the last race for a front engined F1 car, what car and where?

Phill Hill in a Ferrari 256 in Italy (1960 if you must know)

2. Damon Hill famously raced for 2 seasons with 0 on his car, which other driver also raced with this number?

Jody Scheckter in America and France in 1973

3. Who was the last driver to wear an open faced helmet in F1?

Leo Kinnunen in a Surtees in 1974 (not sure what race though)

4. Who was the oldest driver to win a Grand Prix?

Luigi Fagioli who was 53 years and 22 days old when he won the French Grand Prix in 1952, sharing a car with Fangio

5. Who was the first driver to wear full face helmet in F1?

Dan Gurney at the 1968 Canadian Grand Prix

6. Two drivers share the record of most fastest laps in a season. Half a point for each of them.

Inevitably Schumie in 2004 and Kimi did it twice in 2005 and 2008

7. Which two rookies share the record for most consecutive races finishes in their rookie year? 1/2 a point for each.

Tiago Monteiro finished his first 16 races for Jordan in 2005 - his engine blew up at race 17 in Brazil and Heikki Kovalainen finished 16 races for Renault in 2007

8. What was the last front engined F1 car?

The Ferguson P99 in 1961 which was also the first 4WD car

9. 4 drivers took part in one race with the same surname. What was it (their surname that is)?

Taylor - Dennis, Henry, Mike & Trevor all took part in the 1959 British Grand Prix. None were related

10. Who is the youngest driver to set the fastest lap in a Grand Prix?

Nico Rosberg who was 20 years and 258 days old when he set fastest lap at the Bahrain Grand Prix in 2006 in his Williams
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Thanks Puhoon, can only assume my sources were out of date. I'll modify the question & answer :thumbsup:
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