Amateur Hour in Texas Tonight..............

Matthew Little

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Normally, most IndyCar Series races are pretty good races to watch, even if the red cars(Penske & Ganassi) win most every time..........tonight, though, it was Amateur Hour.

----Point 1: the start. Now, most oval starts are kinda' 'fugly' to start with (including Indy w/its' strung-out starts of the past few years) but this was kinda ridculous. Apparently both Briscoe and Franchitti decided to get the jump on the field before Race Control calls for the green at the start. They did this twice. :o :o :o
----Point 2: the numerous block-party specials drivers conducted tonight. Something tells me chief steward Brian Barnhart doesn't know how to use the :censored: black flag! Apparently, someone w/in Danica's team must have something incriminating on the "Iron Hand of Justice" 'cause there must've been at least 2 or 3 times where she either chopped off or outright blocked other drivers(including teammate Tony Kanaan at one point.....) There were others of note(Moraes' running Helio into the wall exiting Turn 4 for example) but Danica's were the worst. As someone said on another motorsports board,
Blocking will not be tolerated unless it is Danica doing the blocking.

But the worst of the Amateur Hour antics belong to the one group normally considered to be the best at their game, the Holmatro Safety Crew, who, for some reason, couldn't figure out how to, (a)extinguish the flames coming from the wreckage of Simona de Silvestro's car and (b)how to get her out of the car while its' on fire! :censored: :censored: :censored: Thankfully, the only injuries she suffered were some burns to her right hand, but I suspect the safety crews are going to be chewed out over what transpired......... :o :o :o :o :o :o

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