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From the "Beyond the blah blah blah Lap Time analysis" thread ... a comment posted by mjo ... and some discussion with jez101 ... here are some alternative WDC's using different points regimes from years past ... and not going out on too much of a limb and calling SV this years winner ...

Have also attached a spreadsheet version since my magnifying glass stopped working after 1969....

Some notables:

* Irish eyes were smiling in 1999 ...
* Massa Snr would have probably cried harder in 2008
* Graham Hill would be up there with some of the greats after 1964 & 1965
* Peter Collins would have loved the gentlemans agreement in 1956 that you can share in the glory of a victory when you share a drive with your #2 or #3 ... but you are not entitled to any points
* Winners are grinners … Stirling Moss in 1958
* John Surtees is glad none of these points regimes were around in 1964
* All Schumacher could achieve was to equal Alain Prost’s seven titles … his comeback was for nought …
* Niki would have an extra title from 1976
* Luigi Fagioli .... 1950
* Jose Froilan Gonzalez ...1951

Anyhoo ... some nerdy fun ... enjoy


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