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Inspired by TN23's excellent stay 'n' go thread, I suggest we each nominate our all time teams for a selection of constructors.

Each driver has to have completed at least one season for the team in question. Plus, note, I'm not asking for the best two drivers ever to have competed for a team, I'm asking for a team that you, as a team principal, would be comfortable racing with, and the season will be run to 2011 rules. Choose Senna/Prost and face the rows, in other words.


Team 1: Ferrari
Driver 1: Michael Schumacher
Driver 2: Gilles Villeneuve
Schumacher had the effect of galvanising Ferrari and was of course an excellent driver. He's backed up by an exciting racer who proved his willingness to be a Number 2 if necessary in 1979.

Team 2: McLaren
Driver 1: Alain Prost
Driver 2: Mika Hakkinen
Prost beat Senna in both their years together if you include all points, his consistency would be much appreciated in 2011. He's joined by a relatively fast racer, who could win the Championship if Alain fails, but probably won't challenge him otherwise.

Team 3: Williams
Driver 1: Nelson Piquet
Driver 2: Keke Rosberg
Piquet is slightly under appreciated these days, but was a wonderfully consistent driver. Why Rosberg? He won one title in a crazy situation, and fits the theme I'm trying to create with my #2 drivers.

Team 4: Lotus
Driver 1: Jim Clark
Driver 2: Stirling Moss
Moss was great at Mercedes at picking up the points as his team-mate won the title. Which is appropriate because I'm not expecting anyone to beat Clark in the same car.

Team 5: Brabham
Driver 1: Nelson Piquet
Driver 2: Denny Hulme
I've gone for Piquet for the same reasons I signed him for Williams, and I think Hulme is yet again a capable foil.

Team 6: Benetton or Renault
Driver 1: Fernando Alonso
Driver 2: René Arnoux
I think Nando and Renault were the perfect fit, but I don't think he'd want anything but full support. Arnoux never really pushed Prost and he's not going to push Alonso

Drivers Who Won World Titles For Other Teams
Driver 1: Jackie Stewart
Driver 2: Sebastian Vettel
I don't know just how good Vettel is, but if this team can get to the front then we'd have a great chance. Otherwise, there is Stewart, who is of course excellent

Drivers Who Never Won A Title
Driver 1: Stirling Moss
Driver 2: Gilles Villeneuve

Could they? I reckon Moss would be able to take me a title, and even if Gilles doesn't it'll be exciting seeing him attempt to. He could win in a dog of a car too...

So many to choose, so I wouldn't call my selection an absolute. Arguments could be made for many more drivers, and I'm conscious I missed Fangio. Please stick to the World Championship era, and no mudslinging please.
Hmmm, Tricky.

Lets see.


A) Nikki Lauda
B) Gerhard Berger

I like this pairing, I couldn't have Schumi in the team because you couldn't pair another great driver with him. I've gone for the ultra reliable and quick Lauda with Gerhard to keep Lauda honest. I think the pair of them would really work well together.


A) Denny Hulme
B) Ayrton Senna

I've got the impression that Denny Hulme would be the only man in a Mclaren who could put up with racing alongside Aytron Senna. As for Senna, I couldn't really imagine him in any other car.


A) Jim Clark
B) Graham Hill

They got on well while they raced together and I can't really see the point in changing that.


A) Alain Prost
B) Fernando Alonso

An interesting pairing but the only way I could get Prost into a car.


A) Nigel Mansell
B) Alan Jones

Both drivers with some flair and both no nonsense in approach. I think they would work well even if they rubbed each other up the wrong way from time to time.


A) Jack Brabham
B) Elio De Angelis

I wanted Elio in a Lotus but couldn't resist the Hill / Clark partnership so given that he never fully had a chance to show his worth for Brabham I've got to put him in one seat and as for the other well it was Jacks team so it would be rude not to


A) Jackie Stewart
B) Michele Albereto

Couldn't be any one other than "Mr Tyrell" in the seat and alongside him I've chosen a driver who scored some great wins in some not so great cars including the last win for Tyrell.


A) Rubens Barichello
B) Andrea De Cesaris

Rubens has always been a favourite of mine and in some of those races in the 90's he showed some remarkable pace. For Andrea, his performances in the Jordan 191 ensured that Eddie Jordan's team had a fantastic debut season.
Hesketh Reborn:

Driver 1: James Hunt
Driver 2: Eddie Irvine

Reserve: Jenson Button

Any publicity is good publiclity, non?
1. Michael Schumacher
2. Niki Lauda

1. Ayrton Senna
2. Mika Hakkinen

1. Nigel Mansell
2. Damon Hill

1. Nelson Piquet
2. Jack Brabham

1. Alain Prost
2. Fernando Alonso

1. Jim Clark
2. Graham Hill

1. Jackie Stewart
2. Jody Scheckter

1. Riccardo Patrese
2. Derek Warwick

1. Jacques Laffite
2. Didier Pironi

1. Juan Manuel Fangio
2. Stirling Moss

1. Giuseppe Farina
2. Patrick Depailler

1. Tony Brooks
2. Stewart Lewis-Evans

1. Jochen Rindt
2. Bruce McLaren

1. Clay Regazzoni
2. Jean-Pierre Beltoise

1. John Surtees
2. Richie Ginther

1. Dan Gurney
2. Wolfgang von Trips

1. Sebastian Vettel
2. David Coulthard

1. Rubens Barrichello
2. Heinz-Harald Frentzen

1. Kimi Raikkonen
2. Jean Alesi

1. Pierluigi Martini
2. Mark Webber

1. Alberto Ascari
2. Gilles Villeneuve

1. Michael Schumacher
2. Fernando Alonso


3. Nigel Mansell
4. Keke Rosberg


5. Alain Prost
6. Jean Pierre Jabouille


7. Jim Clark
8. Graham Hill


9. Ayrton Senna
10. Lewis Hamilton


11. Andrea De Cesaris
12. Eddie Irvine


13. Rubens Barrichello
14. Jos Verstappen


15. Jean Alesi
16. Kamui Kobayashi


17. Mark Webber
18. Jarno Trulli

Hesketh Re-Born

19. James Hunt
20. Kimi Raikkonen

Audi F1

21. Mika Hakkinen
22. Heikki Kovalinen

Wrote in some extra teams for a full 22 car grid, Could happen bar a few people.
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