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Albon won't touch Max at the moment - at least not this season. Albon and LeClerc have mixed it up and gone head to head at nearly every level as they've come through the junior system. LeClerc has always shown himself to be quicker over a full year but Albon can beat him in the day. Will be interesting to see if he can get on terms with him for rest of the season considering that Red Bull is improving and the Ferrari appears not to be.


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yeah its highly unlikely that he will match Verstappen, not because he isn't good enough because its toughest task on the grid I think only Hamilton maybe Leclerc on his day could beat Verstappen how he's driving. if he finishes 6th 30 secs ahead of B Race & within 10/15 seconds on Verstappen that would be a success.

but I think he capable because of the pressure aspect I know I go on about it but he's come into weekends with bigger pressure with his single seater career on the line, he had 1 race deal in F2 he hadn't impressed could've been all over, get his opptunity repays DAMS faith with next 3 poles. with little budget he knew that he had to challenge for title to have a chance at progression & not end up like a Valsecchi Leimer Rossi Markelov


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Anything less than 20 seconds is what Red Bull want to see and definitely not being lapped. At this stage beat the Ferraris must be the aim
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