Adam Parr quits..

Frank Williams says Parr is leaving to focus on his family but I find that strange because it wasn't long ago that he was being singled out to lead Williams for years to come. You'd have thought that it would have been anounced before the week he leaves. He's been replaced very fast as well, by ex-CFO of Diageo.
Just seen this on Twitter...

bernie withdrew the concorde offer to williams as frank was invited alone, but brought adam parr with him. not bernie's best friend...

I make no claims on the authenticity of it, or not.
Make of it what you will.
I can't imagine Bernie bunging FW a load of cash just to get rid of someone he didn't like. He's not a sensitive soul, and he's very attached to money.

I didn't like Parr - he made some idiotic comments - but the signs are that the changes made at Williams have had some positive effect. Will there be more instability now and a reversion to previous form?
Adam Parrs Williams achievements.This was what he was employed to do.Frank Williams runs the race team. Open PDF annual report for details.
We were, however, able to identify and recruit a new technical leadership team who took up their posts
progressively during 2011. This year’s car is also ‘new’. The FW34 is a step away from its predecessor
and incorporates the new technical team’s design philosophy. In addition, we have revived what was a
very successful partnership in the 1990s with Renault for the supply of their championship-winning engine, the RS27. Brazilian Bruno Senna joins Pastor Maldonado as Race Driver while Valtteri Bottas
steps up from Test to Reserve Driver.
Financially, the Group has enjoyed a strong performance over the last 12 months, in spite of continuing
difficulties in the global economy. Our 2011 Annual Report shows a 28% increase in profit before tax to
£7.4m and growth in earnings per share of 35% to 81.1p. Our net current assets position at the year end
has grown from £0.9m to £9.5m during the year although our net funds position was distorted by the
timing of sponsorship receipts around the balance sheet date. As at 29 February 2012, the Group held net
cash of £29.2 million.
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