A tin foil hat won't stop this!


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A NASA satellite has fallen out of orbit and is expected to come to Earth on 24th September. I presume it will look quite pretty as it comes down, just hope none of it hits anyone.

I particularly like this quote:

Members of the public are not allowed to keep pieces of the satellite that may fall to Earth, or sell them on eBay, as they remain the property of the US government.

Yeah, i love that quote too! Who do they think they are?if it comes down on my land I'm having it, **** 'em, and their big sound stage where they do all the filming. This "satellite" they are on about will be some old 70's jukebox chucked from a massive trebuchet into the atmosphere.
I see that they've pinpointed Tattouine this week too.
Stick with me guys, i know what science is all about.
I trust NASA will be amenable to substantial "out of court settlements" to avoid their space-junk being held in evidence lockers during protracted law suits for compensation arising from damage to property, life and limb :(. Would it not have been better PR to offer up a reward :thinking:?
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