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I don't think Vijay is but Kingfisher Airlines certainly isn't in the best of health. hence why part of FI was sold off to Sahara as Mallya couldn't afford to keep it going.

State Bank of India (SBI) on 5th Jan 2012 declared Kingfisher Airlines a NPA (Non-performing asset). SBI is largest credtor and the leader of the consortium of banks in the DRP (Debt Recast Package) and has an exposure of
1,457.78 crore (US$276.98 million).[65]



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He sold a share in the company, now Sahara has a majority holding and can pretty much call the shots if they want to. Anyway people speculated Mallya called a press conference about selling the team, while he didn't strictly sell the team it was very close. Point is with F1 you can't believe anyone's word.

Sahara do not have a majority share holding.They have 42.5% exactly the same ad Mallaya.
Michiel Mol owns the other 15%


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Would Marko have been so angry had it been Webber stuck behind Alguersuari? Somehow I don't think so...

Off course not, but because it was golden boy he did! Marko hates Webber from what i've heard and no way would he have done what he did to Alguersuari had it been Mark.
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