95th Indianapolis 500---The Centennial Edition

See, us Brits showing you how it done once again ;)

Not only that, Speshal, but he drove an 2003-spec Dallara to victory.............
ESPN: Pit Road Perspective--Indianapolis 500

Quoting from the above...............
The car that Wheldon won with was built in 2003. It was probably the oldest chassis in the field on Sunday. For you techies out there, it was the seventh Dallara chassis ever built. Basically, an older chassis is not as light or technologically advanced as others. And since weight goes a long way in this type of racing, it's pretty impressive that he was able to drive this car to the winner's circle.

Let that sink in for a second.........Dan Wheldon drove a Dallara built back in 2003(one of the first ones they built) to Victory Lane Sunday; imagine how much heavier that car was in comparison to the newer current-generation Dallara chassis on-track(and that entails on a high-speed oval such as Indy)........... :o:o:o
Speed Channel: IndyCar---Miller's 500 Musings

Leave it to Speed's resident IndyCar major-domo, Robin Miller, to have a few witty musings to close out the month of May...........examples include:

1. Dan Wheldon, who had to sue Panther Racing owner John Barnes last year to get paid after being terminated, claimed his last-second victory over his former team wasn’t any more satisfying than his first win in 2005. Really? Bull.
2. They always say nobody ever remembers who finished second at Indianapolis. Bet they will now.
6. Team Penske didn’t lead a lap Sunday. It’s like Tiger Woods missing the cut at The Masters.
8. The supposed return of The Flying Start and 11 rows of three thundering down the straightaway to the green was a joke in every way as it appeared the single file, spread out field was orchestrated by the drivers – knowing TGBB wasn’t about to wave it off. Kind of an “in your face” to Bernard.
15. The cheers for Simona de Silvestro in driver intros make me think people are paying attention.
24. Shouldn’t the GEICO sponsorship at KV Racing be switched to E.J. Viso’s car?
29. Tomas Scheckter passed 8-9 cars in two corners on one restart. Nobody ever drove to a more exciting eighth place.
32. Michael Andretti led 431 laps at Indy and never got a win. His former driver led 1,000 feet Sunday afternoon and got his second.
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