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Sorry, Stefano. This is the Ferrari pair's number quiz.

1. Car #7 has seen only 4 wins since Alain Prost's narrow title loss of 1984. Who is the only McLaren driver to have won in car #7 since they lost it at the end of that year?

David Coulthard at Imola in 1998

2. Car #14 was held by Jaguar/Red Bull every year from 2002-2009 with the exception of which year?

2008 - when it was held by Toro Rosso instead!

3. Before 2009, who was the previous winner in Car #14?

Jo Siffert at Austria - in 1971!

4. Raikkonen and Alonso are the only pair of team-mates where one's number is double the others in 2014. Which other former McLaren team-mates have the same distinction?

Choice: You could have 11 Perez and 22 Button, or 22 Button and 44 Hamilton

5. Car #14 was a non-starting Ferrari in both the 1950 and 1951 Italian Grands Prix - the 7th and 14th Championship races. Piero Taruffi was 7th in 1952, but how many Ferraris finished ahead of him?

4 - driven by Ascari (1st), Villoresi (3rd), Farina (4th) and Simon (6th)

6. Kimi Raikkonen won the title in '07, when car #7 was driven by whom?


Oh, Jenson...

7. Which driver drove both cars 7 and 14 in his three years at the same team, winning his only race in the third year?

Jarno Trulli, at Renault in 2002-2004

8. Who scored Car #7's last pole position?

Fernando Alonso, at Hungary in 2009

9. Raikkonen's 7th win was at Turkey in 2005. Alonso's 14th win was at Canada in 2006. For half a point each, give me the results of the other one...

Turkey 2005 - Alonso was 2nd (1/5 of a point for 3rd)
Canada 2006 - Raikkonen was 3rd (1/5 of a point for 2nd or 4th)

10. Which one of them won race 14 of '07?

Kimi Raikkonen at Spa

Good luck!
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