2020 Silly Season


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I don't think many drivers have got the seat due to money - at least if you only take account what teams themselves say.


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Titch if Ferrari don't win the driver's title next season then he surely would like to have on his CV that he won drivers titles with 3 teams or more which only Fangio did

Also he would deliver the title after a long wait for them - one over both Vettel and Alonso to improve his status . There is a lot of reasons to do it

Plus Mercedes may not be full factory team in 2021 despite denying this

Also it appears Toto Wolff might be heading towards running the Formula E team which Mercedes want to win having focused their corporate strategy on E cars - they have made a lot of people redundant and refocusing on E cars

It was noted that the person who took the podium celebration at Abu Dhabi with Lewis was actually a Mercedes board member not Toto or James Allison or one of the engineering guys


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I take your point Il_leone . I can imagine it would be a huge feather in his cap if he could deliver a championship to Ferrari. But. What if he couldn’t deliver a championship, the dent to his reputation would be massive, would he risk that?
No matter how brilliant a driver may be, he cannot make a car perform if the team don’t listen to his input, or are incapable of engineering a car that a driver can get the best out of.


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Titch That is true because Schumacher would not have achieved all those successes at Ferrari without Brawn/ Byrne and Todt on his side .

However the temptation is there for him to take this challenge. The only reason he would not risk it is if Ferrari are in an absolute mess that he feels it is too much for him and he might retire instead
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