2020 Silly Season

yeah correct decision he done nothing wrong & kept up the minimum expectations of the team being in the top 6 even after a few issues that stuck him at the back. he fully deserves his shot. but the work starts now in the most important year because 1st of he needs to keep this up to not end up like gasly & also he could be in the pound seat to have a shot at the world title in 2021
Yes Red Bull and Toro Rosso stay as they are for 2020. It makes sense, Albon has done well since he was moved up and Gasly seems to do well at Toro Rosso despite seeming to struggle at Red Bull, so he's probably better off staying there.
Well, I gather everyone has been confirmed except the second William's driver:

The big three:
Mercedes: Hamilton (for life), Bottas (1 year)
Ferrari: Vettel (thru 2020), Leclerc
Red Bull: Verstappen, Albon

The contenders (for 4th best team?):
Renault: Ricciardo, Ocon (a very good driver pairing)
McLaren: Sainz, Norris

Fighting for points:
Haas: Grosjean, Magnussen
Racing Point: Perez (3 years), Stroll
Alfa: Raikkonen, Giovinazzi
Toro Rosso: Kvyat, Gasley
Williams: Russell, Latifi?

There will be two very interesting in-team duels to watch next season: Vettel-Leclerc and Ricciardo-Ocon.
Latifi is as nailed on at williams & i believe it was signed in monza but not 100% as its as much as i can say without getting the truth from Claire

because all the signs are there
- he's test & reserve driver
- he has money
- 2nd in F2
- claire said it was between handful of drivers rumoured Latifi Hulkenburg & Kubica. hulk not interested & Kubica leaving
- he just been doing FP sessions at 3 gps in row
Final seat filled.
I have to say I looked at the picture of Latifi and I was shocked when I read he's only 24. Maybe it's me but he looks a lot older somehow I thought.

So we'll have two Canadians on the grid in 2020 then.
publicly or privately Johnny Carwash

publicly - Claire Williams will say he been brilliant as the test & reserve driver. looked great in simulator. he finished 2nd in F2 in 2019 & a great young partnership for future with russell
privately - It would be the money & finishing 2nd in F2
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Not really one bought the ride, the other daddy bought the team, the second case is a touch more permanent until the driver thinks his inheritance is at stakeLOL
I don't know much about Latifi, sounds like he's going to be another Kubica then to some degree.

Kubica was a top notch racer who had won a GP and then had a very bizarre return to F1. The fact that teams like Haas are looking to hire him as their test driver shows that people still respect him and don't blame him for the results at Williams.

Latifi has been running in junior formulas for eight years. In the first seven years he managed to win 3 races and was never higher than 5th in any series he had run. This year he is second with 4 wins in F2. It was his 3rd year in F2. So, 1) either he is competent workman-like driver but nothing to rave about, or 2) he is not the good, just happened to be at the right place this last year, or 3) he has suddenly gotten better and is now setting the world on fire.

In contrast, George Russell spent 5 years in the junior formulae with 20 wins and won championships in F4, PG3 and F2. Lando Norris spent 5 years in junior formulae with 46 wins and won championships in Renault 2.0 (twice), Toyota Racing Series, and F3. Leclerc spent four years in junior formulae with 16 wins and won championships in GP3 and F2. Even Lance Stroll has a strong resume, with 3 years in junior series with 26 wins and won championships in F4, Toyota Racing Series, and F3.

So, Latifi comes in with a weaker resume than the rest of the new drivers. Maybe we will all be pleasantly surprised.
can we start 2021 silly season please I think Ferrari did not deny they would not consider signing Hamilton for 2021 openly for the first time
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